German black metal is something that is close to my heart, both old and new. SARIOLA are new to me and therefore I want to know more about them. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

When forming a band how thought out was the concept? Did you have an already finished musical idea or was it something that grew once you had all the members gathered?
-The concept was created by E.Konny a long time ago before SARIOLA was found. He already experimented with combining black metal sound with female vocals – which is nowadays the main frame of SARIOLA. Of course, the other members add their ideas and enrich the concept with details – this process is a creative one and spontaneous.

Reading the description of your music I get a schitzo impression with all the different styles incorporated. How hard is it to write the music? Do you have a formula you follow?
-We do not have a formula but we follow the rule to sound different and unique. The songwriting is the result of a lot of various ideas we gather during playing guitars or keyboards. The different approach is to complete the ideas one of us already had, to integrate them into songs we recorded or about to record.

How democratic can you be in a band that has six minds to consider?
-We are not really a democracy. Every member of SARIOLA has his own tasks and has a leader function or can take it as long as it serves the growth of the band. Some decisions can be discarded by only one contra-voice.

You’ve released your music yourself. I hadn’t heard of you before I searched the net. How hard is it to get your name known in the right places when you do it yourself?
-To promote a band is a difficult task. One the one hand because there are so many other bands, on the other because we have an unusual sound. But a good and well-balanced mixture between good music, loyal fans, playing gigs with bigger bands, getting interviews and reviews can push the band much further.

I can see that symbols and iconographic seem to be important to you. What is the concept behind all the different symbols?
-The concept is to reflect the music and the lyrics in visual form – to some point cryptic, to the other leave enough room for interpretation. Our symbols hint to an universal systematic beauty as well as on earth, in universe and in metaphysics behind it.

Is the Nordrhein-Westfalen a good area to be a metal band in? How well have you’ve been received in Germany?
-Yes, I would say it’s a very good place to start from. We have a good infrastructure which allows us to reach almost every corner of the world in best possible time. We also have a great amount of bands. And of course very prominent bands like Kreator, Sodom, Blind Guardian, Die Krupps, Accept – to name a view. SARIOLA has much larger fan-bases in other countries over the world than in Germany. We had not so much promotion here. Maybe the people in countries from where we get huge number of positive reactions are more open hearted to unconventional music.

When you look to promote the band where do you see the best potential to be most heard? How important is it to be well accepted in your home area?
-United Kingdom, Russia, The Netherlands, US, complete South America, Scandinavia, Japan – to name some – until now the most of positive reactions are from there, our biggest fan-bases, most dedicated fans. There is a lot of potential for getting bigger. We are eager to enlarge our fan-bases everywhere over the world. It’s nice to be accepted in home area, but it isn’t a must. A lot of important bands are / were not accepted at home but had a large following abroad.

In your promo shots you look like taken from an advertisement for a German on-line clothes store. How important is the way the band look and how do you avoid looking like something taken from a catalogue?
-We use clothes from different stores. It’s important to be impressive on stage and in the visual aspects. In future we plan co-operations with some gothic/independent-labels which are interested in dressing us up. The style should represent us as characters and members of SARIOLA.

You got a new album lined up for a 2012 release. How hard is it to find somebody you trust to release your new baby? What do you look for when looking for a label?
-It’s a difficult decision. You never know with whom you are working. Maybe you get to know the image and the bands of the label – but the relationship between you and label is something unpredictable. The new label should have the possibility to bring the album into the stores – the more the better. And of course it should be very interested in our promotion and growth.

Where do you see Sariola at the end of 2012?
I hope in stores, on covers of important magazines and on stages world-wide… It would be very nice if we would see at least fruits of our hard working on a larger setting.

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