SATAN’S HOST have been going for what seems like forever yet they have not gained the attention that they deserve. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

When you started the band all those years ago with what intention did you do so?
Patrick Evil: The intention was to create a band that could stand the test of time. We wanted to be like Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin and become larger than life. I wanted to be the darkest most extreme metal act the world had ever seen. Also it became a great way to express all the anger and unbridled energy we had at the time.

How did you end up with the name SATAN’S HOST? Was there a specific meaning to the choice of name?
Patrick Evil: We wanted a name when you put it up next to Judas Priest or Black Sabbath it would stand out among the crowd. And the name represented our beliefs in Magick and Satanism.

When you picked the name how much of a satanic metal scene was there? Was black and death metal a thing that was happening or was it more straight heavy metal with a satanic twist?
Patrick Evil: There really was not any true Satanic bands or a black metal scene at the time, maybe bands like Coven were around but I never paid much attention to what was out there. It was all new and it still is, we like to take our music to places that few have been.

When you first started what kind of bands did you feel connected to?
Patrick Evil: I think what I felt connected to was the loudest and fastest music I could find. I think one of the first bands that really started to have a metal sound I liked was Judas Priest. I loved Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin but they had more of a blues connection. I also loved bands like UFO or Ten Years after they had so much feeling in their music. Also I can’t forget the Scorpions they had songs like “Speedy’s Coming” that I think started a lot of the faster guitar picking styles people use to this day.

You have a new album to promote. How tough is it to get noticed today even if you have a history that dates back a while?
Patrick Evil: I think it is hard to get noticed even as when we get great press. It seems music is so over saturated with crap. There are so many ways to learn how to play a instrument that people learn half assed, start a band and flood the market with junk no talent music.
Anthony: Well we try and push it as much as we can on the internet on our own. We just joined up with Gabriel Management in Europe so we have them working us in the European market, plus we have a publicist with our label Moribund Records working us all over the world. We interact with our fans as much as we can via our Facebook page and constantly invite people to check out our website

What are your feelings on this new album? Did it come out the way you expected?
Patrick Evil: I think the album came out great. I am not 100% happy with the final product since a lot of things that were out of our hands came to play. We never got to go in for the final mix and production that still makes me mad. I think the bass tones could have been more like the band plays live, the producer made the sound what he wanted not how we sound. But in the end I love the music on the album I think it shows our growth as a band and how we are creating new sounds and directions to go from here.
Anthony: I love the album, though I think it could have been better, we were not allowed to take part of the final mix due to internal reasons and I think we could have done a few things differently and embellished some parts, our producer knows us very well and he did a fantastic job, but in the end I think it could have been a little bit better.

How important is the art work these days? Do people that download their albums care for the art work? The reason I ask is that it seems like a hell of a lot of work doing art work and lay out when people download (legally) their music.
Patrick Evil: I still think it is a vital tool in the production of an album. Most places you download from will let you down load the artwork and layout of the album. It also helps in getting sales for your merchandise at live shows or to represent the band in print and media. There always has to be some kind of artwork for an album or it is all just words and text that to me is killing the whole energies of the music to start with, it would get boring if that’s all we had.
Anthony: Artwork is very important, it’s the image of the album, whether it gets downloaded or not, you still want an identity for it, plus there are still a great number of fans that want that hard copy. We work with great artists, Joe Petagno does all our studio album covers, and I do the layouts for the CDs. When vinyl’s get down the Vinyl companies take my layout files and do a custom layout for the vinyl versions.

How hard is it to write songs these days? Do you feel that you have to trash a lot of stuff because it sounds like stuff you’ve already done?
Patrick Evil: I feel it is easy for us to write, I have never had a problem coming up with songs for the band. I think when you start thinking about your older material and not thinking of the music you’re creating, you lose touch with the feeling and direction you want to go. We never say lets follow this formula for our songs, we just let the Magick carry us in writing and follow where it takes us, so far it has been amazing how the songs come to life, that is the greatest reward we have!
Anthony: Patrick has so many riffs and song structures in his head, new material is never a problem for us, writing music comes very easy to us, we write for the song, each one is its own entity and has its own life, we never write fillers.

I don’t know what kind of experience you’ve had with record labels but what is the biggest difference being on a somewhat underground label compared to being signed to one of the bigger metal labels?
Patrick Evil: I think it gives us the freedom to what we want to create. When dealing with bigger labels you get more people who have a say over your music and you lose some control. It would be nice to have bigger budgets to work with. We just will keep writing the best we can and let the music take us farther and farther, I believe in our music as a fan as much as a player.
Anthony: I don’t know, we have never been on a bigger label; we invite any bigger label to negotiate a deal for us! We have a great relationship with Moribund and will always have a home there, but we are ready to expand if a larger label has interest in us, we have the goods, and we have no plans to stop anytime soon, this is our passion, we enjoy it too much, and we have a full pool of material that doesn’t seem to empty anytime soon!

What kind of future do you see?
Patrick Evil: I see Satan’s Host growing larger than life and touring the world over and over. We will continue to keep pushing ourselves and creating true metal for the world. As we speak and Virgin Sails is spinning in stereos around the earth we are already finishing up the touches to the next album to be recorded early 2014, there is no stopping this machine. Thanks for all your support, Hail to our Legions WorldWide 9
Anthony: We work hard on building the band up, I see us continuing to grow as a Metal Entity to reckon with, we get fan mail and messages everyday from fans from all over the world wanting Satan’s’ Host to come and perform for them, it is very humbling and exciting, so we invite all concert promoters from all over the globe to work with Satan’s Host, we have the goods and we are ready to deliver!

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