Satan’s Wrath – interview with Tas Danazoglou!


With fire. With blood. With Satan. And seriously tongue in cheek!! Here comes Satan’s Wrath from Greece, bringing back all the cringe worthy memories of the 80s – Shan Siva dusts off his bullet belt as he swears to the new dark lord on the streets, Tas Danazoglou!

1. Congratulations on your new album “Aeons of Satan’s Reign”, it reminded me a lot of the bands I grew up with like Possessed, Venom and early Slayer so was that your intention as opposed to being part of the current black metal scene?

Tas: yes these are our influences and of course many more. Black metal? Black metal are only Venom.

2. Sorry, I have to ask the million dollar question – are you (practicing) Satanists? If so, does Greek satanism differ from other branches of Satanism?

Tas: the Greek satanism that we practice is superior to any other. It’s a specific satanic philosophy called ouzogyros. It’s ancient.

3. Where in Greece are you guys from and is this 80s style of metal popular there – I think you must be the first band of your style?

Tas: we are from Athens but we don’t live there for many years so I don’t have any idea of what’s happening over there.

4. How well do the Greek people receive you? I’m guessing you guys don’t walk around town as ‘Satan’s Wrath’…just in case you meet somebody from Golden Dawn?!


Tas: I don’t know, we don’t live there for more than 20 years.

5. Is the band a full time commitment or do you guys have day jobs?

Tas: we have jobs. I am a tattoo artist and Stamos a sound engineer and producer.

6. Has the economic and political situation in Greece also been an influence – over the years I’ve read that people turn to punk and metal when times are hard (guess they prefer real music than poseur bands huh)?

Tas: our main influence is  Venom, not economical situations

7. The band seems centred around Taz and Stamos K so how did you guys form the band and does the current line up i.e. Costa, Perrier etc reflect a permanent one?

Tas: we were formed by poisoned gas and steel. We are going to be lined up to be executed soon…

8. Were you guys in other bands before Satan’s Wrath – I seem to remember Taz in Electric Wizard but I don’t really see much connection between those stoner rockers and this blasphemous beast!?taz

Tas: Electric Wizard are doom metal. They have also satanic concept so its similar really. Bit more brutal maybe.

9. Has Satan’s Wrath played live – what are your plans for touring and what does your live show bring?

Tas: we haven’t played yet but we will soon. Our shows will bring back raw violence on stage. Like The Ultimate Revenge with Exodus, Slayer and Venom.

10. Man, getting signed to Metal Blade (Slayer’s orig label) is a great honor – how did that come about – the great (Brian) Slagel favored you…mebbe it was Satan lol!

Tas: Brian Slagel IS satan.

11. Ok, thanks for your time, our readers really liked the album too so is there anything you’d like to say?

Tas: yes thank you all!!!! Thank you sweet baby Jesus!!!! Thank you world peace….

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