There are classic Danish metal bands but they mostly date back to the 80s. If there ever was a 90s classical metal band it should be SATURNUS. Interview answered by Henrik and Thomas A.G. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Why should anybody care about Saturnus in 2013 that can you bring to the metal fans that no other bands can?
-Well first of all the atmospheric content of the music. There’s no doubt that the experience of listing to the new album lies in the feelings of the music. I (Henrik) think we can bring some of the depressed feelings out in people that other bands can’t. Another aspect is the beautiful solos on Saturn in Ascension and the melodies Rune brings to it.

How do you feel about your debut album today? Do you feel that it is classic Danish metal album?
-We are very proud of the debut album and in Denmark it’s very popular. There’s no doubt the first album is one of the best Saturnus albums.

What was it that influenced Saturnus to begin with? How much of that original influence is
there still left today?
Thomas A.G. My Dying Bride and old Anathema was our biggest inspirations in the beginning, they are not the same inspiration source any more in the same way, but I think you can compare the atmosphere in all the bands. Today our inspirations comes mainly from our self’s.

How would you like to rate your records up to the new one?
Thomas A.G. The first album is always Special, but I like all of them differently, they are all my number one.

Have Saturnus had any kind of impact on the Danish metal scene? Do you feel that you are
the elders of a scene?
-I (Henrik) think we have an influence on other bands who are making the same kind of music. Unfortunately the doom scene isn’t that big in Denmark as eg. Sweden. But we occasionally meet bands who thank us for being their influence. With 20 years behind us we and a couple of other bands in Denmark are definitely the elders as a band on the Danish scene. Keeping a band together for 20 years are not an easy job.

What kind of state is the Danish metal scene in today? How does Saturnus fit in today?
Thomas A.G. Saturnus don’t fit in anywhere in the Danish scene, it has always been like that so we are used to it. I see the Danish scene grooving with talent, so the future for Danish metal looks really promising I think.

You’ve been through a couple of labels during your career. What have you learnt throughout the years that you can use today?
Thomas A.G. I don’t have an answer for that sorry.

How different are your expectations today compared to when you started?
Thomas A.G. They are no different, we are still dreaming and living the dream, I think if you lose the thing that started you it will become a everyday thing then it is time to stop, Saturnus has to be special every day.
I have not changed at all since day one.

What are your intentions with the band these days? How serious do you take it nowadays?
-We take it VERY serious. Our intentions are that we want to bring Saturnus to a higher level. How we do this are up to the fans..hehe… We can only make the best doom music we can and then hope the expectations we have for the records becomes the same as the critics and fans.
Play as many gigs as possible and try to bring the atmospheric doom around the world.

What would you like to see the future bring?
-We hope to tour a lot this year and the next. Then a new record of course. Also try to get to the countries where we haven’t been yet where we know our fan base is large. But we have quite a few gigs this year and we have the tour with Vision Bleak in Septemeber/October

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