US metal is when done well some of the best in the world. A new band to discover is SAVAGE MASTER from Kentucky. Interview answers by Stacey Peak. © 2015 Anders Ekdahl

As I am new to your band an introduction might be in order?
-SAVAGE MASTER hail from Louisville, Kentucky in the USA. We are a bunch of isolated metal-heads with a love of the occult brought together in 2013 to spread our evil true heavy metal all over the world.

I am a huge lover of US metal but what is like to be a US metal band? Is it lonely on the top?
-We do hear (and some of us know) that Europe is much more hospitable to heavy metal bands. There are times of solitude, but of course they are needed. But when we play out we are usually surrounded by our fellow metal warriors who always make sure we are taken care of with plenty of heavy metal, food, booze, and places to crash.

When I look at your promo pixs they make me think of Bitch and Hallows Eve. Where do you place yourself musically?
-Musically, we draw influence from bands such as Dio, Motorhead, Saxon, Manowar and many many more. We love old school heavy metal and NWOBHM most of all.

How important is image? Do you have to have some sort of tell to make you stand out from the milions of metal bands around the world?
-Imagery is important to us because all of our favorite bands put forth a lot of energy to put on a great show and we would feel like something was missing if we did not continue the tradition of keeping music alive and fun with exciting shows that help to convey our vision. It would be a shame for fans to miss out on that part of the live show.

Is there ever a risk of the image taking presidence over the nusic,, that the interest doesn’t reach further than the pixs?
-Although, people will like us for any variety of reasons, it would be insulting to suspect that kind of mentality from any substantial portion of our fans. We and our fans understand that vision is much more than just sight. Music will always be our mother-tongue. It is the foundation upon which we build.

How pleased are you with your new album? What kind of response do expect to get from it?
-We are very happy with how our debut album “Mask of the Devil” turned out. We get a lot of support from our fans. We got mostly positive reactions, which we didn’t exactly expect.

When you release an album what kind of numbers do you expect to sell for it to not be considered a disappointment?
-We released “Mask of the Devil” last Halloween. We will be doing a re-press due to selling more copies than anticipated, so we definitely have sold more than expected and we are very happy.

What kind of feelings do you get knowing that people from all over the world will listen to your metal?
It’s a dream come true. It is also surreal like a dream. Friends all over the world rise out from the shadows and support what we are all about. It’s a massive, intense feeling!

What is a live show with SAVAGE MASTER like, what kind of experience is it?
-Our goal is to create an occult atmosphere of the darkest stretches of the imagination that is fun for metal-heads to sing and bang along with.

What do you see in the future?
-Travel! We will be playing Ragnarokkr in Chicago in May to kick off a small tour. (For American fans you can keep up with our dates as they become available to see if we are playing near you via our Facebook page.) In early September, we will be playing at Wings of Metal Festival. We have not played outside of the U.S. yet so we are excited. Next year, we will play Keep it True Festival in Germany in 2016. We are very much looking forward to that. We are looking forward to taking our band to more and more places around the world and connecting with even our most far away friends and fans.

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