Savage – NWOBHM legends Interviewed!


With new found blood and a resurgence of interest in the band, NWOBHM cult act Savage have been on a roll recently with tours, festival appearances and a double album to boot! Unable to stifle the beast, I caught up with legendary bassist / vocalist Chris Bradley on what’s been fueling the fire!!

1. Your double issue album package is really ambitious – you guys are as bold as brass – what was the motivation in doing this rather than having two separate releases?

Chris: It seemed a good idea at the start but turned into a major project for Mark, it nearly broke him, laughs. The reason we didn’t go with two separate releases was to avoid the two albums competing against each other.

2. Why the name “7”?

Chris: Easy it’s the seventh album! But it was also about keeping it simple! As it’s a double album package we didn’t want a title that complicated the whole thing with the  ‘Live n Lethal’ title too; however the studio album is the most important thing for us as it’s all new material.

3. Some of the songs on there sound very close in style to “Loose n Lethal” so is that cos you and Andy are still the main composers and that sound is still very much in your blood?

Chris: To certain extent but half the songs are co-written with either Kris and/or Mark so the sound is as much to do with them as myself and Andy and long may it continue!

sav24. Can you tell us a bit more about the live album please?

Chris: The live album was recorded at the Old Library media center in our hometown of Mansfield. As the name suggests it’s the Old Library but was converted into an Arts Centre many years ago so has a theater, a Bar and more importantly a full digital recording studio. We recorded ‘Sons of Malice’ there and much of ‘7’ also, I don’t remember the attendance but it was a packed house that night and for everyone who attended we took their names and addresses and sent them all the album when it was released as part of their ticket price.

5. The sound on the live album is amazing clear so how it was recorded?

Chris: Mark did the engineering though on the night he had an assistant in the control room as he was busy on stage playing drums. Bottom line he just placed mikes as he would if we were recording a demo in the studio and like with the studio album once it was recorded he took it all home to his own studio set up and mixed and edited it all there, basically in his Living Room. He’s just damn good at it and digital recording means you don’t need mountains of equipment anymore. Anyone with the ears, the skills and the vision can do it at home now.

6. Who makes up your audience today – is it old head bangers like me or do you get younger people insav1 there too?

Chris: Difficult one to answer I would say really depends on the occasion and the country; the old headbangers want to hear ‘Loose n Lethal’ while the younger fans like the newer stuff too, we like to play both!

7. What are your plans to promote this double album and the band in general – I lot of the old bands seem to be dusting off the bullet belts and squeezing back into the spandex (I’ve had a few overseas readers who want to know if the band is full time or ready to gig or is it all one step at a time)?

Chris: We’ve been ready and back gigging (though mostly in Europe) since the last album ‘Sons of Malice’ and intend to continue, there are still lots of places we haven’t played yet like South America and Japan! And even more we want to go back too, its why we do it , make music and go out and play it!

8. Are there any plans to go further and perhaps do a DVD?

Chris: The live gig was filmed! However, not enough cameras were used so there’s not a lot of movement but we may use the footage in promotional stuff. We are planning to do a video for the new album though we still arguing about which song to do, we got too many good ones on this album, laughs and me and Andy have already started talking about writing again for the next album! You see for the massive bands like Maiden and Metallica there’s not a lot of sense in doing new albums, the sales aren’t there anymore and they can make for more money touring every couple of years playing their best of catalog. However for bands of our size we have to release product in order to generate the interest to get a show so its catch 22! Do an album were you are unlikely to make your money back so you can get a show and go out and play were you will also probably lose money! But we keep doing it because we love to make new music and play.


9. To close I understand the live album is about the 25th anniversary of “Loose…” – what is the single memory that stands out of the band from that time?

Chris: Well its nearer 30 years than 25! 32 years if we want to be precise. My biggest memory was playing the ‘Aardschock’ Festival in Zwolle the Netherlands back in ‘84’ with Venom and Metallica. It was the biggest show we had ever done at that time and our first out of the UK so it was quite a memorable and daunting experience at the same time!!


Cheer Chris & best to the band!

Chris: Thanks we appreciate the support! Anyone can contact us through our main website at and at FB.


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