Sometime you need to have something that makes you stand out. In the case of SCARECROW N.W.A. it is the additional three letters at the end of the name. read why they felt the need to add them and more in this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2014

1. I know what the N W A stands for in the hip hop artist name (Niggaz with Attitude) but I’m not sure about the meaning of the acronym in your name?
-NWA stands for New World Annihilation, we had to use an additional info as there are around 10 bands only in Europe which have the same name as we have and we wanted something outstanding in our name to show the audience that we are more than the others.

Just so we actually know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
-We started in 1995 with the project Scarecrow. Finally our current line up has been settled with the come along of the 2nd guitar – Gsputi and the outflow of the keyboards after our last output “Ishmael”. We never wanted to be added to one special style in metal music which you can hear on our CD’s. The style from the beginning to now changed very often, but with the last 2 albums (Ishmael & Transgression) we found our own way to bring our musical thoughts to the audience. Sure it is a kind of melodic death metal, but you will find several nuances from other metal styles in our songs.

When you work in the studio what kind of process do you go through? Do you come in all prepared or do you improvise?
-Before we enter the studio for recording all songs are approx. 95% finished and everyone know his playing part. The matrix of our songs is then already fixed, but we often have new ideas during the recording how to make the song even better. At the studio you have the possibilities which you don’t have during the rehersals. E.g. you can record some more guitar parts, add. voices and so on. But we always pay attention that the recorded songs can be performed live as well.

How would you like to describe your new album? How does it fit into the progression of the band?
-Our new album “Transgression” was the logical step for us after the former record “Ishmael”. We payed attention that it sounds true without any samples, keyboards and other plastic things which are often used in our days. Transgression includes beside the melodic death metal parts, also black, progressive & power metal, as well as many other influences.

What part would you like the producer to have? How important in is the producer?
-For us it is important that the producer supports us with technical input. We also sometimes accept his ideas in our song-context but not so often. A producer has to be a reliable person whome you can trust and who stands behind the band, their music and his work. This time we had some issues – not about the sound but the finishing time of the recording. It took a “little” bit long from finishing the recording until we got the mixed/mastered CD but that’s another story.

Is art work and lay out still as important when more and more people download legally music to their phones or ipads/computers?
-I think the art work is a matter of opinion. We as “old school” metal heads who started in the 80ies with metal music pay high attention on the artwork. Sure in the last years it got less important (started with the mini-booklets in cd’s compared to LP’s) but it is always nice to see a good record cover and I think the art work of Transgression is an eye-catcher. In Caio Caldas from Brazil we found the best man for our ideas of art work. This is a real good man in his job.

Is it important to have an album cover that grabs people’s attention? How do you get people to go from looking at the cover to actually listen to the album?
-Sure it is important to get peoples attention in every way and a good CD cover makes this easier if you sell your record in a store. I often listen to new music just because the cover was interesting and I think other people do this as well.
What ways has been the best for you in order to promote the band? What do you do to reach as many interested as possible?
-In our days it is much easier to reach a lot of people also in different countries. You got Facebook, Twitter and many many more possibilities in the web. My opinion still is that a personally talk brings you more than a standard mail, but many people see this different. They just communicate via the web. The web is a good help but it can also bring you the opposite. If you send too much out, you will find your infos in the spam mail folder… But the most important thing is to play live. That’s our passion and we love it on stage. It is equal how many people watch you, if there is just one person in the audience who didn’t know the band before and can be reached it is a win situation.

How easy is it to get blinded by Facebook like when you know that you can buy them or a by countless hits on Youtube and think that you’ve made it big?
-I really can’t tell you about this as we don’t use these options. Maybe some bands do this to impress the record companies but this won’t be successful for a longer period. Sure it is great if you have thousands of clicks on your Youtube video, but honestly – if you pay for it what success do you have?

What would you like to see the future bring to the band?
-As music is our passion we will keep on fighting to bring metal out to those who think metal is only loud (yes there are such people out there). We want to play as many gigs as possible and reach a bigger audience.
youtube: NewWorldAnnihilation

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