There is a darker side to the German spirit that has manifested itself in Göethe. Musically it comes across in acts like Rammstein and SCHWARZER ENGEL. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How important are the EPs you release for the band? What do they mean and why do you do them?
-For me the EPs are a great instrument to shorten the time for the fans awaiting the new album. An EP helps giving them a fortaste on the upcoming record. And at last they surely help to promote the album release, so me and our new label Massacre Records decided to release the EP “Schwarze Sonne” prior to the album release of “In Brennenden Himmeln”.

You have a new album waiting to be released later on. How different is this new one to your previous albums?
-The new album is more brutal than the previous two albums. Especially the voice, the guitar-riffing and the blast-beats are a lot faster and harder than we did on the previous records. You might know we released “Apokalypse” and “Träume einer Nacht” back in the days, now time has come to release some more ultimate and more destructive metal-tracks. “Träume einer Nacht” was more gothic-metal geared than “Apokalypse”, which was also a pure Dark Metal-record for me. The new album will follow “Apokalypse” and is also pure Dark Metal.

What do you get out of collaborating with other artists that don’t necessarily come from your back ground?
-It´s always a new experience and challenge for me to collaborate with other artists. Especially when you are really into their works, it can be pure pleasure to collaborate. Normally the artists that I collaborate with have also either a Metal or a Gothic-back ground, because these music styles blend well with SCHWARZER ENGEL. So I did collaborations on the first two records with members from metal-acts like LEAVES EYES, LIV KRISTINE, ATROCITY or SAMSAS TRAUM as well as gothic acts like DIARY OF DREAMS or IN STRICT CONFIDENCE. On the new record “In Brennenden Himmeln” also some exceptionally gifted musicians, like “El Friede” from the german industrial band OOMPH! or opera singer “Johanna von Orleans” (E NOMINE) appear as guest-musicians. I really enjoy working together with other skilled artists and musicians, so I normally don’t matter what kind of musical genre they belong to.

Is there a specific German dark/gothic spirit? I get that feeling, that there is something specific German with goth/dark metal.
-Yes, I also think so! We got a lot of German speaking Gothic-metal acts here in Germany and also a lot of metal and/or gothic labels here. Additional the most important Gothic-Open Air Festivals like the Wave Gotik Treffen or the Mera Luna are based over here in Germany, so I agree with you that there is a special german Gothic Spirit. Last year we played a show at the Wave Gotik Treffen, this year we will play at Mera Luna.

Is it a special feeling to sing in German? How do you find the right German words to use?
-Yes, it is definitely a special feeling to sing in German. For me, the German language is the best language to communicate anger and hate. I think for every artist it feels good to sing in its mother language. Back in the 80`s I think you had to sing in English to get a fan base. But today there`s a different situation. People put the focus more and more on artists from their own country also singing in their mother language. That`s great for me, because I want to sing in my mother language. And when you take a look at RAMMSTEIN, singing also in German you know that you don´t have to sing in English to become world famous. RAMMSTEIN are one of the few German artists I really admire.

How would you like to define your sound?
-I would like to define our sound as a modern style of Dark Metal. This Style combines Trash-, Gothic- and Death-Metal with Industrial, Neue Deutsche Härte and Dark Wave Elements.

Are there any German bands that have influenced you or have you looked outside for inspiration?
-Yes, there are some bands that influenced my music. First to name is, I mentioned them before, the German band RAMMSTEIN. Their unique sound influenced also our sound. Their musical and live productions are so incredible that I always love to watch their shows and listen to their music. They are realizing the biggest theatrical shows. I really would love to do shows like this with SCHWARZER ENGEL, but you need an incredible amount of money to realize shows like they do. But let’s see what the future brings… Besides there are some other German acts, but if I will start to mention them, this interview won’t come to an end in this life…

I noticed on your promo shots that you have a very specific image. How important is style to you? What do the clothes represent to you?
-Besides the main focus (the music), clothes and the artwork of an album are also really important to me. Matthias Bäuerle from Season Zero, who is responsible for the artworks of SCHWARZER ENGEL works his ass off each time he is creating a new artwork for me. The connection besides music, artwork and stage presence is really important to me. In my opinion, there has to be a concept for a strong album. The concept and device for “In Brennenden Himmeln” is: “Tod, Verderben – es werden alle sterben”. (Death and Bane – all will die!). So the album is all about destruction, death, hate and war. “In Brennenden Himmeln” is war – war made out of music!

What is the “Black Angel” and what does it represent to you?
-I chose the band’s name “SCHWARZER ENGEL” after one of my dreams. In this dream, I saw a big angel with powerful black wings flying over an abandoned battlefield. Maybe I just watched too many horror and war movies in these times…I don`t know. But fact is, that the next morning I wrote the first track for the debut album of SCHWARZER ENGEL. The angel represents the bringer of justice and revenge!

What will the future bring beside the new album?
-Death, doom and disaster! And the end of the world!

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