I’m not saying that it is so but when a band becomes successful a handful bands that almost sound the same follows. With the success of for example Nightwish we’ve seen a countless number of bands just like that. So why should we not see a number of band mimicking Lacuna Coil. SCHYSMA, while being heavier than Lacuna Coil ever been operate within the same perimeters. And they do with such a grace that I had to interview them Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is there anything positive with being a metal band from Italy?
-Unfortunately there are no opportunities for metal bands in Italy, especially progressive metal bands. If a band wants to try to work with music, the only way is pop music. In fact we try to be known outside Italy.

From what I understand Northern Italy is more white collar than the south. Does that reflect in the taste of music or is it all Eros and Zucchero that gets played all the time?
-Ahaha in southern Italy there are more blue collars, instead in the north there are more white collars! But metal music is valued in the north as in the south, but mainstream music in radio and television is dominated by pop artists, Zucchero is a great artists in comparison to the most popular pop star in Italy (such as Gigi D’alessio). The real problem is that International music world considered Italy as a marginal country (and agreed), but it is not connect to north and south differences.

Does being from the north affect the metal you play? Is it more down to earth in the north as supposed to the more operatic/symphonic south?
-I don’t think that our music is strictly related to our land . The mix of progressive metal and industrial comes from our own musical experience. Every single influence is perfectly melt to obtain something that is really original in the actual panorama.

What are the benefits of just releasing an EP? How much of a gamble is it to release and album?
-Actually we had enough songs to release a full-length album but we preferred to record a five tracks EP because we considered those song exhaustive to describe our style. In addiction a 5 tracks EP is more immediate and incisive for an emerging band : that’s why we think that in this way will be more easy to spread our music and to reach the labels.

How pleased are you with the end result? What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We are really satisfied of our work and in particular we would like to thank Stefano Parodi of X studio for recording and mastering the tracks: the result fully reflects our starting idea

When you have a record to promote how do you find the right kind of people to help you promote it? What kind of media is there to help you?
-The social media like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube and our website ( are the best way for us to contact people sharing our musical interests and to keep them updated about our last news and gigs. The web Is actually the most powerful way to promote the EP because is quick, easy to manage and today is used by billion of people. We are present also in other websites related to music like reverbnation,, beat100, soundcloud .

In my eyes the whole social media ?scene? can be rather fleeing and not as substantial as it is made out to be. How do you avoid being swept away by all the ?likes? on the net thinking that you’ve made it?
-It’s a difficult question! Now our purpose, before recording the full length, is to promote our music through social media and the web, and at this time, we think it can be very helpful! Waiting one year to see what will happen!

What does 10.000 likes on Facebook really mean in real life? How can you benefit from being liked on social media?
-In our view the popularity in the social media simply means that our music has reached at least 10000 people. This obviously doesn’t mean that now we have 10000 fans but once we have the contact we have the possibility to work on the possibility that they will become.

Is touring/gigging still a viable way of promoting a band? What kind of live environment is there where you live?
-Gigs are the primary way of promotion in our opinion. Unfortunately here in Italy, is not easy to find, so we have signed with France label, Optimum Association, which promote in Europe our EP and organize us a small tour in France!

What future would you like to see for Schysma?
-Obviously we hope to find a good label that can produce and promote us, to play with important bands on great stages!!

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