With all the different sub-genres going on it is haerd to keep up with them all. SCIENCE OF SLEEP might call their music deathcore but all that matters is if it’s any good. And good it is. Phil answered the questions. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How important is it to find the right band name? How much can the wrong kind of name drown any possibilities of making it?
-We chose our band name pretty random. “Science of sleep” is a French movie and I think only one or two members of the band have ever seen it haha. The band name should not be that important. It shouldn’t be total stupid though. But I won’t choose examples for band names I don’t like here.

Do you have to look a certain way to play the kind of music you do? How much of an identification marker is the tattoos and accessory?
-We all look different. Some chose tight jeans, some baggies, some are tattooed and some are pierced and some are not. It should not matter how you look. Sure it helps with the identification in some cases but on the whole this stuff does not matter. Just do your thing. There are enough musicians who are well known without any tattoos or piercings. On the other hand: If you want some tats or piercings: Do it! But think about it more than one minute…

You released an EP in 2011 and now we get your debut album. Why has it taken this long to get it out?
-Well it took a while to write the new material, pre-produce it, record it, mix and master it and start the promotion. We would have never finished an album we are not 100% satisfied with so we took our time and we think it was worth it. So after writing everything and pre-producing it we started to record the instruments with Simon Hawemann from War From A Harlots Mouth (Sludge Studios) in Berlin and we could not be happier with our choice here. Great producer.

Would you say that you are deathcore? What is deathcore? What is the difference between metalcore, deathcore and hardcore?
-I think it’s a mixture between modern death metal and hardcore. But those genre names are bullshit anyway. They just help to give the listener a small hint which bands other bands may sound like. Just do your thing. We do that too.

What kind of scene is there for deathcore? How big is it world-wide?
-The scene is pretty big I would guess. With bands like Suicide Silence dominating the modern metal scene (rest in peace Mitch!) I see a great possibility for new bands stepping into this game. There are people who just see DC as some kind of “hype” or “trend” but that’s total bullshit. As long as there are great Deathcore bands there will be people who listen to it. Just look at all those tours being headlined by Job For A Cowboy or Emmure and so on! Deathcore definitely has a huge scene and a future.

There used to be a German band named Deathcore. What bands have been the most important influences for your sound?
-Really? I didn’t know that haha. I think the influences we had for our new album were bands like Molotov Solution, Whitechapel and so on. All that modern deathcore stuff you know? But we listen to a bunch of music. There are all kinds of influences. Hard to name them all.

What kind of lyrical themes do you deal with?
-We chose political themes or anti-religious stuff for the most songs but also the deep and dark souls of criminals or murders that seem to fascinate. The lyrics should be very important. Express your opinion. No gods no masters. I hate almost everything that has to do with religion and the capitalistic exploitation of the people in the world.
We came too far to still believe in fairy tales. Call me a militant atheist but I see no peace for our world as long as people pray to gods.
We also are not that kind of band that just tells stories in their song of how you rip your ex-girlfriends guts out and fuck her rotten corpse. The lyrics Marcus does often choose these psycho themes. Like the really dark and evil sides of humanity. Sick stuff.

When you start to think about cover art work what is it that you are looking for?
-We had the amazing opportunity to work with Joshua Belanger for our new album who also did a great job with artworks for Suicide Silence or War From A Harlots Mouth. We told him what our songs are about and that we want something dark and full of horror and brutality and he just did such an amazing job on it. I think I would buy our album just for the booklet.

What is it like to tour Europe on the back of a single EP? What kind of response have you had so far?
-Pretty good. We played a huge amount of shows here and are already planning our next big tour. More infos for that one soon. Having this much live experience by only releasing an EP is pretty insane. We hope after releasing our upcoming album “EXHAUST” this will go on even bigger.

What will the future hold for SCIENCE OF SLEEP?
I hope a lot! We aim high!

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