SCORNAGE might be on their 4th album but I’m just on the first. Despite that I found something that I liked with their thrash metal that made me want to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you as a band have come to the fourth album does it feel like you’ve climbed the highest hill and now everything is an open road?
-We´ll see where it will lead us I´m pretty sure there is always a higher mountain to climb onto!! We are always pushing forward and try to reach new heights…right now we accomplished another step forward…the new album really kicks some serious ass 😉

2.When you look back at the previous three albums what kind of progression do you see? Do you feel that you’ve become better with each new album?
-I really think we got better during the past few years and that shows form album to album. When we started 14 Years ago (well I got in 10 years ago ) we still had to find out which style fits the most for us. So we evolved our sound and developed a kind of “typical” Scornage Style. For example my Voice on the first album I did (Sick of being Human) sounds a little flat and uninspired, when I look at it now… 2004 I thought: “WOW….AWESOME!!!”….and I guess there are parts on the older releases where my bandmates will just say the same about their contributions to the music.
Furthermore I´m convinced we now have the best line-up we ever had!!…and I am really excited about what´s next to come.

When you released your debut album in 2004 what kind of thrash metal scene was there then?
-U mean in our City Aachen??….well there were some Bands that started about the same time we did. I was quite surprised how many people play that kind of music in our area actually. There were bands like Redrum.Inc, Divine-Zero and the former “Shitheadz” (called Motorjesus now) struggling for Existence *lol* and it s good to see they are also still around doing their stuff….in the case of Motorjesus with growing success from year to year.

What kind of thrash scene do we see now in 2012? Where do you feel you fit in?
-In our area there is a new Breed of bands rising up…there are Bands like Havocate from Aachen… and they are on a good way. Thinking more global, it s good to see the old “Heroes” are still around: Kreator, Tankard, Testament or Overkill for example. All of the new releases by this bands were quite awesome…and we are trying to get up step by step…and with every release we are getting closer, I believe

Your last album was released in 2009. Is there ever any danger of the fans forgetting you and moving on and you have to start anew?
-Since we have no fans there is no danger that this might happen . Just kidding… as far as I can say: metal fans are really faithful to the bands they like…so I think it s no problem at all….hey I am waiting for a new Saviour Machine Album for nearly 11(!!) years now….and still I adore them for their music.

When you use a producer as well renowned as Andy Classen are there ever any dangers of you ending up with a sound just like all the other bands he has produced?
-As U said it: he is well known!! And he has a great feeling what each band should sound like and work out their strengths. He did an excellent job on “reaFEARance” and its sound is as unique as thrash metal can sound nowadays. It s an awesome mixture of old-school feeling and modern approach….we like it.

When you enter the studio do you have everything worked out? How much room is there for improvisations and improvement?
-We always enter the studio well prepared, cause we don t have that much time for the recording process, due to money and time restrictions…we all have a regular job and we can t afford to go into the studio for 6 months to develop our songs. So the songs are finished and we just have to record them. Though there is always room for “fine-tuning”…Andy Claassen had some ideas that we let flow into the songs.
When you play thrash metal is there something that you can’t do in terms of arrangements, lyrics and art work?
-I think there are no restrictions at all!! We have total freedom when it comes to lyrics, artwork or anything else!! There might be some people who think that some of my lyrics don t really fit to thrash-metal….but that s not my problem…I always write down what comes to my mind or keeps me busy at times.

How much hard work is it today to keep the band’s name alive when you fight for attention with so many other things?
-It s a lot of work, we only can hope that people will notice us and recognize that there s some hell of a band from germany rising up. We will continue to play as many shows as possible and get to as much people we can reach with our concerts…so come visit us and have a good time.

What future would you like to see for Scornage?
If u ask me that way: to play big headliner shows at big festivals. But I guess we will never reach that high…so we stick with what we have achieved so far…and maybe someday in the near future we get an offer to play a big world tour or something like that….we love surprises.

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