SEDUCE THE HEAVEN is another Greek metal band that fights for your attention. Give them a bit of it by reading this interview answered by Sinnik Al. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Where do you feel that you fit in on as a metal band on a national level?
-Hello there!! I’d say we are a rather new-performing wise-, rising band from Athens, Greece. The style we play is metal fusing elements from Swedish Death Metal, Atmospheric/Gothic Metal, Progressive Metal, Metalcore and Hard Rock, amongst other genres.

How tough is to make a name for yourself in your country? Are people prepared to support native bands?
-Quite tough I should say. It’s a challenge influenced by several factors. Firstly, unlike other countries it’s not really in our culture to just attend some live show and check a band we don’t already know. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not criticizing this attitude, but this is how things go. Secondly, since plenty underground Greek bands unfortunately don’t make it to a second record, even when their first one is amazing, people tend to become hesitant with Greek bands when at their first steps. Yet, most doubts stop shadowing their perception once a band proves this negative tradition wrong and I find this happens a lot more often nowadays. This is when people truly embrace this band and as you may already know the Greek fans are really passionate with the bands they like. Thirdly, no one’s a prophet in their own land and this is especially true for smaller places like Greece. However, since most prophets are proven to be charlatans, this is largely a good thing ?

We live in a global economy where the slightest instability affects so many nations. How does the economy affect being in a band?
-An awful lot I daresay. Economy affects the psychology of the band members while sometimes it might force them to work in other non-music jobs that devour their creative energy. Taking into account that a band member should be involved in several activities needing a huge amount of focus such as practicing, composing, recording, rehearsing and performing, this situation is by no means a bed of roses. Keep also in mind that in Greece, we are not talking about a simple instability, but a sheer insanity, a social disaster that has radically affected our every day lives, city and families. Sadly, things just deteriorate and this whole situation seems like a dead end. On the other hand, this aside from being seriously grim adds a lot to our perseverance to sacrifice more of what is left in order to make our band grow and propel forward.

Is there a difference in being on a smaller label these days when you can buy what you want on-line?
-Not really, taken that all types of labels have adapted themselves to the new way of buying and promoting music, which is mostly on line.

How well have you been treated so far by fans and critics alike?
-All reviews and fan feedback have been great until now. It’s so nice to realize the fact that people have understood that Alex and Elina’s vision- them being the main responsible ones for the music and lyrics of this album-is something fresh, new, with a unique voice and a lot to say. Also, it was fascinating to see how many people have been touched by Seduce The Heaven’s music, especially at the MFVF’s signing session, where we also had the chance to have a chat with fans.

How pleased are you with your album? What kind of reactions have you had to it so far?
-Being sure that I speak on behalf of the rest of the band as well, I absolutely dig this album. All songs are total killers. Alex started working on the music three years ago and took each step very carefully as far as recording, composing and mixing are concerned. The reactions for this album are up to this point very warm and enthusiastic and frankly, I think this is pretty fair since they match mine.

What would you say has been your greatest success so far? What has been the greatest let down so far?
-Greatest success: Playing at the MFVF, one of the biggest metal festivals in Europe. Great atmosphere, great sound and lots of fun times with the whole Seduce gang.
Greatest let down: For the band, I wouldn’t say there’s been any let down’s for the time being. Yet, the reluctance of my wire-less cable to co-operate after the middle of our set-list at the MFVF, was a huge bummer for me. However, the fantastic MFVF crew substituted it pretty quickly, so the nightmare only lasted less than a minute.

When you are a smaller band is there some sort of freedom to you being able to do what you want and not having to take notice of any sort of political game played by label/distributor?
-Certainly. Smaller bands have greater freedom in all issues from music and lyrics to image and time schedules.

How much of a DIY feel is there to the band?
I wouldn’t say that we are religiously devoted and vowed to stay DIY until the end of time. Should a contract opportunity respectful of the band’s needs and goals pop up, we are open to discuss it. The most DIY thing in the band is our believing in our music and being very proactive in sharing it with our friends and fans from all over the world.

What would you like to see the future bring to you?
-In the risk of sounding superfluous I think this band deserves a bright future. Alex and Elina have worked a great lot for several years and now all of us, the rest of the band members work together for the best. Therefore, we’d surely like to tour and present our record live to as many people as possible. Also, although “Field of Dreams” has just been released, we can’t wait to make our second record, since we all find this process very fulfilling. So, if the future is kind enough, the main thing we’d like to bring and be brought is: ROCK N ROLL. Make sure to make much of this together with us and be kept updated by visiting Ta-ta!

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