SEED OF SADNESS is another Greek band that impressed me enough to wanting to interview them. Give èm a listen. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

OK could you please introduce the band to those of us that never have heard of you guys?
-OK, we have the incredible Stellaria on vocals, the precise as a metronome Johny K on the drums, the solid as a rock and my partner in crime Mike G on bass and I’m Jimmy Nore, composer, lyricist and guitar player for the band. On the EP we collaborated with Bob Katsionis, who needs no introduction. Bob played the keyboard parts and he also took the initiative in adding two great solos of his own in two of our tracks, Remnant of A Dying Smile and One Man’s Dream.

Do you feel that you are a part of a Greek underground metal scene? What kind of scene are we talking about?
-Yes we are. It’s a scene constantly evolving with some great new bands out there deserving to be heard. I think there’s a lot more going on nowadays than in the past.

I seem to constantly come upon new Greek bands that are great but yet they don’t seem to last too long or get the recognition they deserve. Is the Greek metal scene bad at promoting itself internationally?
-I can’t be sure why something like that happens. The only thing that I know for sure is that on a business like this there are millions of factors interfering, so nothing can be taken for granted. The road that each band follows is unique and there is a whole chain of things that have to be right so as to reach their final destination.

You have released an EP on your own. Why did you decide to do it yourself?
-Well, nowadays, when you’re in search for a record label you can’t show up with empty hands. You have to show some of your work in order to catch someone’s attention.

What are the benefits of just releasing an EP compared to a full length album?
-As you can imagine, when you are trying for the very first time to make your music known, you have no idea what the reaction will be. We wanted to release a sample of our work, so as to see the impression it would make on fans and media before releasing a full length album.

How much hard work was it to find the right people to help you with art work, pictures etc.?
-I would say that this was a really easy task. We were very “lucky” and fell upon the right people just when we needed them. I think it’s the right time to say that our wonderful cover was made by Alexandra, an artist who managed to convert beautifully a great idea that Mike had shortly after his inspiration of the band’s name.

Is the underground scene returning to a more DIY-scene these days with social media and easily accessible technology?
-Yes, that’s for sure. With today’s technology it’s easier for everyone to make some music, record it and promote it. If you want to make something serious you have to become a part of a record label. But, it’s easier to get started in the first place.

How do you set yourself apart from all other metal bands out there? How do you get people to notice you and not another band?
-That’s a question that I’d like to leave for the fans. We are just people passionate with music doing our best and this is what comes out. There’s no meaning in forcing things in order to sound ‘somehow’. I think that as soon as you start doing something like that all the magic is gone.

How tough/hard is it to actually make it big today? How fierce is the competition?
-As I mentioned earlier each band follows a different path and as we all know there are no guide books to help you achieve your goals. For some bands was really easy and for some others was not. There’s a whole bunch of circumstances that have to be right for a band to make it big, so there’s no meaning in competing with others. I could never see music as a competition. Music is an art and there’s more than enough space for everyone.

What future do you see for Seed of Sadness?
-At the moment we are open to discuss any offer. We do our best in order to be ready for any challenge. I’d like to give a big thanks to all the fans and press for welcoming us in the best possible way. I can ensure you that we’ll do whatever we can to please you and we hope for nothing but the best.

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