You might have read the reviews. Now it’s time to hear the mighty SEPTEKH speak. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

OK. Let us start with the name. What is the meaning to it and why the choice of it for a band name?
S – Well to us it was pretty clear. Fate intervened. In the process of finding a name, Georges granny (blessed be her name) gave us the obvious answer. A book on ancient civilizations, ancient in it self, from her dusty shelf, gave several of the names of deities preceding the later Egyptian god of chaos and wilderness. Supposedly (none of us an egyptologist) a whole cluster of them was bunched up into what the Osirians called Seth or Suetekh. One of them: Septekh. A boar god associated with single-mindedness, deserts, beer and uncontrollable natural forces (and people with red hair would you believe it). Something clicked. Et Voila.

You’ve just released another EP. What is so great about releasing EPs and not a full length album?
S – Well. We’ve gotten a lot of questions like that. In recording the Apollonian Eyes EP a process was initiated that led to the creation of the material that is now to be our first full length album. To release the songs in any other form/order seemed unthinkable at the time. And is still simply the wrong way to go. Even given the amount of time it’s taken to finally get it released. To us there is a line of thought to adhere to here. One given to us and not for us tamper with. There is a plan and we don’t wanna F it up.

Would you say that you have a traditional Swedish death metal sound? What has been the single most important factor in shaping your sound?
S – I wouldn’t say that exactly. Local press don’t seem get our stuff at all.
Our sound is to me an obvious product of the feel and influences we brought with us initially. Some Maiden, Motörhead and Ministry on the guitars. Some Frost, Fenriz and Grohl on the drums. Add a sprinkle of Luisiana and a touch of arctic isolation, filter it through the twisted mind of a man possessed and we’re pretty much there. But then of course that’s the insiders view. Probably sounds a whole lot different from where you’re standing.

Could you explain the title “Apollonian Eyes” to us?
S – The title refers to the Apollonian Eye as opposite to the Dionysian Ear or the Cthonian hand. It’s one of the centerpieces in the play we want to describe. The four tracks on the EP represents aspects of its effects.

How does the title fit with the art work? How important is the art work to you guys?
S – Very important. The cover of Apollonian Eyes is Hr Wilfred der Honegs of Infanteri Regiment Herwarth von Bittenfeldt no 13. A fictional character designed to carry this part of the story.
Just as the cover art for The Seth Avalanche is an African painted wolf. An extraordinary animal with some traits that envelops the gist of what we want to convey.

When I think about lyrics I think that they must be the hardest to write. How much of a struggle are the lyrics to you? How do you avoid for them to sound corny?
S – Well we don’t try that hard really. When the heart of what you set out to capture is there any residual “cornyness” sort of boils away. What’s important is to aim true setting out to write them. The rest sort of comes in the wake of momentum gathered. Never underestimate the power of workflow.

Does being Swedish actually mean anything on the big scale? Does it give you a head start?
S – It gave us the eye of Mr Ferguson at Abyss for a start. And for that we are thankful. Being Swedish in this genre seems to resonate a certain way and if we can draw anything from that all the better. In the grander scheme of things though, probably not by much.

What are your thoughts on being on a label that has a lot of Swedish bands signed to it?
S – It gives us a bunch of potential partners in crime for future ventures. There has been some talk of creating a local Scandinavian Abyss Records Event. Other than that; can’t blame them. A lot of quality metal acts have spawned out of here.

How pleased are you with this new record? Did it turn out the way your thought it would?
S – We are really pleased with the way it turned out. Mr Eric Forssberg at Mid Town Music has done an exemplary job as always. The two year delay has yet to reveal it’s significance. Have a few hints though.

What do you see in the future?
S – We see more activity playing live as well as receiving the basic contents of our next album.
In the more immediate future lies the release of a video for “Burn It To The Ground” from the Apollonian Eyes EP, that should illustrate further the significance of the EP. TEASER HERE:
As for right now we are in the middle of mixing our debut full length. Thirteen tracks presenting the result of two years of toiling in obscurity on the Dark Island.
Always keeping our aim true, our ears to the beating heart of SEPTEKH. Our Apollonian Eyes trained to those beaconing treasures in the dark. True to the flow. True to the plan.
Regards: Nils GRZNLS Meseke. Vocals.

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