I am a huge sucker for good old thrash metal. SEPTIC CHRIST managed to still that urge with their two albums. I just had to interview them to find out more. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Is there a German thrash metal tradition that you feel that you are a part of?
-Never really thought about this but I think we are too open minded to feel us belonging to any tradition. All members are totally fans of music itself either it’s Metal or Jazz or even Pop.
So I think that we won’t fit to any kind of tradition at all.

Is it necessary to be anti-Christian to be a metal band?
-I think this is up to everybody’s own choice. For my own opinion I prefer to think for myself. No gods no Masters. I also think that the anti Christian attitude which is very common in the metal scene comes more from a rebellious spirit that drives the Metalheads out there. So this is my only necessity on metal I have… it has to be rebellious and outstanding of the standards of our society.

How much have you looked to the past to get inspired?
-Honestly not at all… we all have our musical backgrounds and paid our dues in making music for a long time. So we only write the songs we would enjoy to hear from other bands. Our love for the 80ies Thrash possibly comes from the fact the we all spent our youth in these times and enjoy this sound the most. It’s fucking fun to thrash ‘em all…!!!!!

What thrash bands, past or present, epitomize all that is thrash metal?
-Woah that’s hard and maybe impossible to answer… but I’ll give my best let’s do it this way … I will name you some bands and the things I respect from the most.
Anthrax – for their coolness to do some totally different things
Megadeth – the first four records are a musical revolution for me. Brilliant and cathy at all
Demolition Hammer – one of the most brutal Bands ever… no prisoners no Mercy just musical violence
Voivod – their Songs are not Metal this is art… never heard any of those chords before
Nuclear Assault – dito to Anthrax but more speed and power. Very good lyrics with a mind on the world
Sacred Reich – Great Songs which carry a great attitude. I love it when someone has something to say even if i don’t share the opinion
Watchtower – unbeliveable musical skills ….
You see my musical education is a classic but when we talk about new bands I would possibly pick up Warbringer -who epitomize most of the trademarks above…. but ask me tomorrow and
you’ll get complete new list….sorry!

Is there a thrash metal sound that everybody look for? How do you do to achieve your sound? Any special tricks?
-Sorry I know I am boring but there are no tricks at all. We only try to get our live sound on tape/harddisk…. no triggers, a cool sounding room, good equipment and some microphones.

I remember album covers from the 80s that were quite graphic and fun to look at. How important are the art work to you? Does it have to say something?
-I know that it all should be for the music only and the songs are our first priority but we care a lot about the artwork itself. Yes it’s just a small detail in the whole process of making a record
and some purists say that your songs should speak for itself but it definitely has to rock and catch your eye…. and when it carries a message it’s even better for my personal opinion…..
Be honest no one will buy something that looks like shit, right?

Does doing it yourself bring with it a greater freedom? How hard is it today to get things done by yourself?
-Yes it’s a fuckin piece of work! But for us it’s the only way to work…. it’s not that we shut out all business methods but we prefer to stay in control of everything. So we decide really
carefull who works together with us… More freedom???? I don’t know we like to be in control….

How important is playing live/touring to a band? How do you go about setting up gigs?
-Very important… playing live is one of the things we enjoy the most. You’ve got to get out to the kids and thrash the clubs when you think you are into Thrash Metal. It’s all about releasing your everyday frustration and shit and what else could be better then a moshpit at a Thrashmetal show??? No special tactics on setting up gigs. We read and answer every offer that we recieve.

Is it easier to be a band when you are closer to central Europe than it is if you live up north?
-I don’t think so there are a lot of great bands from the north who made it all over the world. In my opinion quality beats quantity ten times and always will get the respect it deserves.

What future plans do you have now?
-Playing as much shows that we can till we hit the studio again to record the next record. Currently we are working on new material which is very exciting and promising…. really aggressive but still carrying the SC trademarks….. be prepared it will hit you like a hammer.

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