When you pick your name from a song off one the greatest German thrash metal records like SEPULCHRAL have done then you know that this is going to be great. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

Let’s start with your latest recording. When you look back at it now what kind of feelings do you have for it?
-As it is just a rehearsal recorded by ourselves, It’s ok, but I’m still disappointed by guitar’s sound, too clean and weak. I’ve gone again my own tastes for larsens and dirty distortion, and work hard to clear my guitar sound, as this recording was for a CD release, and, at the end, was not happy at all. I prefer the sound of the rehearsal tape recorded and released before the CD.

I am fascinated by band names. What was it that made you settle on the one you have and what does it mean to you?
-The name comes from Sodom’s song “sepulchral voice”. Remember that the band was formed in 1989, It was usual at this time to just take inspiration from songs titles of the contemporary releases.
Now, we’re in 2017, I’m the main lyricist, I wasn’t part of the early line-up, and I had to define what Sepulchral was about. At first, I was thinking about cemeteries, Necrophilia, True Vampirism and related subjects, you know, the lip smacking or the chewing dead, the Werewolves, voodoo, necromancy, ghosts and so on… But our lyrics are wandering beyond the cemetery gates too, to explore the mystery of the tetragrammaton, to meet the Anti-Time’s apocalyptic angel etc.

.What does it mean to you that there are people out there that actually appreciate and look forward to what you are doing?
-Well, we’re far from young, almost 50, so we don’t really care, we’re knowing that we will not make a carriere in music. We are playing in Sepulchral because we’re enjoying this kind of death metal, and we’re ejoying to meet each others, as we are good friends. Of course, we’re happy with good public responses. But when it comes to people who don’t like what’s we’re doing, It’s ok for us, we don’t worry about that.

How important is image to the band? What impression do you want the fans to get of the band?
-Not really important. I’m thinking the only thing that really matters, is the intention you’re putting in your music. Of course, we’re trying to not look too ridiculous, but that’s all, we’re just like we are.

I am a huge fan of LP art work. How important is it to have the right art work for your album?
-A bad or inadequated artwork can be repulsive. Impossible for me to listen an LP with horrible photoshopped cover. When it comes to Sepulchral, All of us in the band are agree to use black and white drawning, with skeletons and zombies, cause we love that.

We live in a superficial world today where you don’t exist if you are not on Youtube and Facebook.
-Has social media been only beneficial in socializing with the fans or is there a down side to it too?
Sure, with social networks, contacts are incredibly easy at a global scale, and we tend to forget how hard it was before. But I’m always thinking one doesn’t need FB or Bandcamp. 13 years ago, one of my previous band has made his way without FB, no bandcamp, no e-mail and no postal adress, no photos…Nothing… just like coming from nowhere, like a dweller of the twilight void (thanks Lucio Fulci’s « City of the living dead » and Sodom’s « obsessed by cruelty » for inspiration). I believe in the power of the morphic fields.

When you play in a band does it feel like you are a part of a massive community? That you belong to something that gives meaning to your life?
-Today’s Undergrounds scene is more kind of multiverses. Not a massive community, more a lot a micro autarcic communities, formed around a subgenre, around obscure labels.You have to be as much curious and motivated as 30 years ago, even if today’s means (Internet) help a lot.

When you are in the middle of it do you notice what state our beloved music scene is in? Is the scene healthy or does it suffer from some ailment?
-It seems there’s more bands than fans. It’s a strange situation, but well, once again, we don’t really care, to heal the scene is not our goal.

How much of a touring band are you guys? How hard is it to get gigs outside of your borders?
-By now, we’ve only played 4 shows. I don’t know, time will tell.

What will the future bring?
-More darkness and Evil. Blood Cult has been restored ! We will record demos for ourselves in december. we will play some gigs in early 2018, and we’re working with a new old member, as we’re celebrating the return of one of the former guitarist, who played in Sepulchral in early 90’s… That’s all… Thanks for the interview.

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