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I might be totally wrong but I don’t think I’ve heard one single Dutch metal band that sucks too badly. Why is it that Dutch bands often are of so high quality?
-Wow….that’s a good question. There are certainly some real good Dutch bands, but I can’t tell you why. Just hope we’ll be one of them too.

It seems that today it is not enough to just get signed, you got to have something more to offer than the music alone. What is it that will set Seven Ends apart from all the other death/thrash metal bands?
-It’s certainly true that your “business” side of the band should be in order. But you need to give people a reason to buy the album and come to another live show. We give our all at every gig we do, big or small.

When you play the kind of metal that you guys play is it important to have something to say with the lyrics? How hard is it to write lyrics that work with the music?
-Our vocalist Jan writes all the lyrics. He uses actualities, or things that bother him about politics or religions. So for that matter, there is always something happening in the world to write about. He also writes about, like one of our favorite bands Hatesphere states, blood beer and satan.

I find it intriguing to get to know how a band finds its sound, what it is that makes you sound the way you do. Is there one single influence that has been more important than other?
-The sound we have is not created, but more like developed over the years. You get ideas from music you listen, but it will always sound like yourself…don’t know why exactly. It’s all in the details I guess.

As a way of getting a picture of what a band sounds like different references are used. What has been some of the most off the wall references you’ve seen to your music?
-We hear a lot of Slayer references made about our music. Not a bad thing for sure if you ask me, but there are a lot more bands we get inspiration from, even more than Slayer. Also Legion of the Damned is mentioned often. Maybe because we’re on the same label, or that we’re from the same area, I don’t know. I think we sound more different than we hear. But they kick ass, so we don’t mind about the comparison.

I can sometime feel that I discover things too late, when it’s almost over. How frustrating is it that the record industry has changed so much as it has now that you have a record deal?
-It’s all about the sales. If your first album doesn’t sell, about a million other bands are waiting to take your place. So let’s hope we will sell enough to stick around for a while!

How do you go about to maximize the potential of a record deal in this day and age?
-We grasp every opportunity to let everyone hear about us, like this interview. Our label Massacre Records put out a lot of effort to put us on the map. We’re currently struggling to get on stage more, so we’re talking to some bookers. We hope to see some results of that soon. And probably there will be recordings for a video happening soon.

When I grew up all we had in terms of TV/videos was MTV?s Headbangers Ball. Now days there are more forums on the net to get your music played. How important is a video today in order to get noticed?
-I think it’s pretty important, another way to get noticed. Maybe people are more eager to watch a video than just listen to a song.

How do you build a following today when people are almost glued to their computers? How important is playing live today?
-Internet is a good way to get noticed. But still I believe that playing live is what it’s all about. Everyone still wants to go out a drink beer with some friends.

What would you like the future to hold for Seven Ends?
-We like to stick around to do some wild shows/tours and make more music. It’s all about a good time. Cheers!

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