To me it makes no difference if you are male or female as long as your metal is good. Which brings us to Severed Heaven. They are good. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

What made you want to start playing music in the first place and how did you go about finding the right people to play with?
-Let’s just get things straight, we all love heavy metal. And that’s why we play it now. Usual story of getting your friends to join.

Did you decide on the style from the start or did that come with time? Death Metal might not be the first choice.
-You don’t just decide on the genre, it comes naturally and depends on the members to create their own style. We’ve never deliberately tried to be any particular genre, a lot of our music is crossover. We write what comes naturally to us.

You’re not shy about pointing out that you’re an all female death metal band. Isn’t death metal death metal no matter the gender of the band members?
-Of course it is. Its interviewers, magazines and reviews that like to point that out, just look at your next 2 questions! Would you ask an all male band those? It’s not a gimmick we rely on and we don’t use it as a selling point.

Being an all female death metal band do you feel that you face more resistance had you been all male?
-Not so much resistance, more misguided preconceptions. We all judge each other all the time, it’s about not letting those preconceptions take over from common sense.

Why is it that so few females play metal when you make up more than half the world’s population? Is it all down to old traditional gender values?
-There’s no valid reason why there aren’t more women in metal, specifically ones who play instruments. I just don’t know. I don’t think many people these days have “traditional gender values”. For example, men in skinny jeans who dye their hair black and wear eyeliner? Hello!

To me it seems that you don’t get too much media coverage in the UK. I’ve only seen one piece and that was a not so great live review. How annoying is it that you’re not more appreciated in your own country?
-The UK scene is pretty poor compared to Europe in general. We’ve had a lot of great reviews, we’ve been on the BBC which is shown worldwide, we’ve played with some really great signed bands, we’ve headlined the unsigned stage at Bloodstock which is one of the two major metal festivals here. I don’t feel too disappointed.

The British Isles have slipped behind when it comes to metal. Why is it that Britain has become so trend sensitive when you guys used to lead the revolution?
-American metal is very popular now, I think as a country that we’ve lost our musical identity . We still produce some massive bands like Cradle of Filth, Evile, Architects, Anaal Nathrakh and Bring Me The Horizon which cover a range of styles so the world better not be giving up on the Brits yet!

I just read that in Sweden digital downloads has just passed the sales of physical CDs for the first time. What are your feelings about this whole digital downloading business?
-It’s killing the music industry, venues can’t pay bands enough to even cover their expenses which limits your fanbase. It’s becoming an ever increasingly disposable industry, people download entire discographies when they might not even care for most of it. Completely disrespectful. I’m completely against it, even just on a “try before you buy” basis. There’s nothing like buying and owning a proper physical CD which has a booklet and artwork. Besides, .mp3 and .wav sound shit.

I guess there are only so many ways of playing the same old venues before it gets tedious. Do you plan on touring mainland Europe or the States?
-Yes. We’re planning a tour of Germany and hopefully Norway for next year. To make it financially viable in the US we’d need a decent string of gigs so if anyone can help us with get then get in touch!

Where do you think you’d have the best chance of making it big in death metal terms? What would making it big mean to you?
-Germany has a great metal scene as does Holland so we’d like to get out there as soon as possible. We’d obviously love to see our fanbase continue to grow, you don’t join a band and have no intention of being successful. We’re here to stay!

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