If you believe the hype SHADOWKEEP are the ones to keep an era out for right now. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

When the band came into creation what was the main purpose for it?
-To play the music and style that we love. Which creates a unique sound of transatlantic Progressive , Power Metal .

How hard is it to come up with a sound that is all yours? What bits’n’pieces do you pick up from other stuff to make it your sound?
-SK have always had a unique sound which stems from influences and is mainly due to the songwritting process.
The collaboration of Chris Allen and Nikki Robson works brilliantly as we both incorporate our musical tastes. This includes working closely with the band and listening to input and suggestions.
We know exactly our direction and the sound we want.

I have no idea what kind of creative process you guys go through but how hard is it to record and release new songs?
-It is never an easy process writing, recording and financing the band.
As for creativity before we write we listen to our influences and what we love in bands style etc.
On this album we went back to our roots and listened to more 80’s thrash .
It is hard to find a good label as things have changed now with downloading off the internet.

Today technology allows you to record at home and release your music digitally. But in doing so is there a risk that you release only single songs because that is what is demanded to stay atop and therefore you end up killing the album for example?
-We don’t record at home apart from riff ideas. We use traditional methods.

I for one feel that the change in how people listen to music today, by downloading it and expecting to get it for free, will kill music as we know it. What kind of future is there for music?
-Most real fans still will buy the cds as long as there are music fans there will be music.

What kind of responses do you get to your music? What has been the thing that has gotten the most attention?
-So far nothing but extremely positive feed back from labels, magazines and fans.

We live in a world where there are no real distances between people communicating anymore. What has been the most surprising contact so far?
-As for Social Media we use it all the time and is part of life!!

Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of a greater community?

What has music brought with it that you would have otherwise missed out on?
-Music is a way of life to us and always will be.

What is the live scene like for you?
-The music scene for SK is a lot stronger than here in the UK.

Do you feel that playing live helps building a bigger following?
-Yes as you are taking your music to the fans.

What plans do you have for the future?
-To continue and promote the album as much as possible with the help of Pure Steel Records.

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