There is a charm to discovering new bands. SHAPE MY CLARITY were a blank to me and since I wanted to know more about them I felt an urge to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

How would you like to describe your music? Neon metal doesn’t really say much to me.
-First of all experimenting with Neon and black lights has become more and more a part of our performances and we are eager/keen to improve our live shows so that we can offer the listener something beside our music. The idea of putting Neon Metal as our genre was a result of typical trash talk. We made a little fun of people’s attempts to excessively put bands in different genres. We thought: ‘We can do that, too.’ So we came up with our own Metal genre.

What is the greatest thing about being a part of SHAPE MY CLARITY? Why do you want to play in a band?
-Mainly because of the fun. Besides a band is a great platform to create something with other people. It’s what you do and what helps to define you. Also being in a band is very emotional and in a positive way intense. And I think in a nutshell this all characterizes being a member of Shape my Clarity.

How important is it to make your own mark in the metal scene? How important is it to have something that makes you stand out just so that you’ll get noticed?
-It is exciting to try new stuff and especially when you are surrounded by many great metal bands (around Cologne) I think the desire comes naturally to try to separate oneself to others. So it is more of a process than the thought: “Alright, we have to do something different”.

You’ve made a video to one of your songs. What prompted you to do so? Is a video still a great promotional tool?
-Yes, it is. Youtube is a great opportunity for bands to add the visual aspect to express their songs a bit more. And besides, making the video was really fun, to come up with ideas and realizing them with the band, even when it’s a low budget video. So there will definitely be coming more stuff from us on YT.

What does f x 50,000 views on Youtube mean in reality for a band? Do you notice that kind of interest in any specific ways?
-By now we have about 10.000 views and we have to say that Youtube ONE of many kinds of promotion for a band. Of course there is more feedback on videos and they spread better and faster – and “wider” than “simple posts”. We are really excited about our new video to our cover song “sunglasses at night” because we never did a cover before and have no idea how fans will react to that one…

What other ways are there today to promote your band? Is social media still a great tool? What about playing live?
-Both, playing live and for example having an active facebook band website is essential for us to reach as many people as possible with our music. Additionally we are currently working with “Metal Promotions” who is spreading our music to reach even more people.

Where do you see SHAPE MY CLARITY fit in on a national as well as international metal scene?
-As the “whole simple Metalcore-market” is saturated, we wanted to give something new to the people. Something, we’d like ourselves if we’d see it on stage standing in the audience. Something you remember even days, weeks, months or years after the show. Something where people say “Hey… wasn’t you the band I saw two years ago at Club XYZ with this neon-blacklight-stuff?!”
This is what neon-metal is – a kind of metalcore with new optical elements leaning on the 80’s until 2013 and fitting the electronical syths of SMC’s songs.

What has having an album out meant for the band so far? Do you see an increase in interest for the band because of it?
-For us producing an album was an amazing experience. With help by record producer Michael Haas and Troy Glessner who both by the way did an awesome job, the fans and we ourselves are finally able to enjoy the product of the time and sweat we invested. We have received much positive feedback for our album from our fans and media-reviews like the ones of or !

What do you want the album to do for the band?
-At first: just let the poeple know the name “Shape My Clarity” and their style “Neon-Metal”… just tell the people that SMC is a new “hungry” band from Germany – dedicated to the modern Metal/Metal(core) fans of bands between Killswitch Engage, Asking Alexandria, In Flames and Bullet for my Valentine for example.

What lies ahead in the future?
-We just found a new guitar player with Julius and now we are writing on new songs which will form an EP which is about to be released in Oct/Nov this year.
Right now in June we will also release the music video to our cover song “sunglasses at night”. We are excited to do a bunch of live shows from October 2013 on, for example @Cologne Metal Festival on Oct 19th 2013.

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