Power Violence as a genre is totally off the chart for me. I have no idea what that is but I am keen to getting to know it. And since I have no idea what it is I am not even sure that SHE SPREAD SORROW fits into that category but all that will be cleared up in this interview. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

Could you start with telling me why SHE SPREAD SORROW exist?
-SSS born from the necessity to start a solo project. After several years with my previous project (a power electronics duo, Deviated Sister TV) and after the end of this project, I felt the need of a specific research in a new expressive and communicative way, much more intimate and personal. SSS started after a period of distance from musical scene, that let me come back in a more conscious and at the same time instinctive way.

Your music is being described as power violence. Is that a description you subscribe too?
-Very hard question because it’s really difficult to me define and place what I do in a particular genre. No, power violence is not the right label in my opinion. I find my musical origins for sure in the early Italian power electronics, sounds similar at my previous project DSTV. SSS instead is a project with obscure sound rather than violent one, where you can’t find a real explosion into noise or extreme sounds, but where it’s possible to find a sort of withheld and suffused malaise: I think that maybe I am nearer to death industrial sound with a “ritualistic” shadow.

How do you view your music? Do you view it as “regular” music or a art?
-When I started with this new project, my idea was just to enlarge the borders of the musical productions giving space also to the visual issues, using videos and photography. My own expressive way is the sound and I am not able with the images, but I really love to collaborate with other artists and I think that the better things born in the collaboration with other people. My music is always connected with a concept, made of lyrics and aesthetic view, as well as emotions and noises. But I couldn’t define what I do “art”….It seems to me pretentious and hazardous.

What thoughts races through your head when your are composing/completing your compositions?
-My music is first of all a way to communicate and express myself. My composition is always very instinctive and a lot of tracks born from live recordings and improvisations. The reason is because everything born from my emotional channel and not from the rational one. My composition and production is made by sensations that I feel at physical level, on my skin and in my flesh, and not by intellectual and mental issues. So rather than the thoughts I have while I play, I could say what I feel. And it’s the emptying…as if from a big chaotic mixing of emotions, through the noise, the vibration, the right frequency, the sound, I free myself, I empty myself. A lot of times, I ended with my hands trembling, just to give you an image that describe how much is physical what I feel.

Do you have any musical heroes, or other heroes, that you always return to as a sort of safe haven of inspiration?
-Atrax Morgue, Teatro Satanico, Mathausen Orchestra, The Sodality and all the Italian fathers of power electronics. The first AM tape is a sort of sacred object to me, and I always listen to it when I just want to stop everything.

How important is image?
-It’s really important, because what I want to do with SSS is a project that connect also a visual impact to the sounds. Obviously the most important thing is the music, but I think that image is a fast and impressive channel, that could give to the sound and to the concept an increased completeness and fruibility.

Is there a graphic aesthetic to SHE SPREAD SORROW that is easily recognizable?
-Hard to say after only one release. For sure I like to adapt the aesthetic to the concepts of my works. I like to find with photographer / videomaker / graphic the right expressive way for that album and that sound. I surely can say that I like minimal issues, without exaggerations, clean and linear. And I can say that I will keep a recognizable aesthetic linked to a deep and personal imaginary, that will be present also in the future works, made of images connected to purity, chastity, privation, discipline and also their opposite, perversions and desires, grown from them.

How much if a live act is SHE SPREAD SORROW? What kind of audience does turn up if so is the case?
-I am working a lot to live shows at the moment, and I think that live performances is what I want to do at the moment to complete the work of Rumspringa. I booked some shows in East Europe and in Italy for the end of the year and the beginning of the next, and I am also booking European festivals for 2016, with tour in France, Germany and UK. I think that my sound could be appreciate from who listen to industrial music, or other extreme electronic sounds like power electronics, but also from who listen to noise and ambient or drone.

Do you have a message that you want to spread?
-No, I don’t think to have a particular message to spread…but at the same time, as I said before, the music is for me a way to express myself, and so it is a continue message, not made of precise and definable contents, but of sensations that I need to communicate and share with the people who listen to my music or who collaborate with me.

What lies in the future?
-At the moment I am studying the new live shows and booking the dates. In meanwhile I have several ideas for next album and I just started to recording something. I think to collaborate again with the photographer who made the artwork of Rumspringa, Stefano Majno, to find with him the right way also for the new realese.

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