SHOK PARIS is a classic US metal band that are back again. That alone calls for an interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2020

I have been aware of you guys from back in the 1980s but I have always wondered about your band name. Why the choice of name? What does the name mean to you? How important is it to have the right name?
-Very good question, the name Shok Paris was chosen because we think it represents our style of music, when you think of Power, you think of Shok and when you think of Grace, you think of Paris, that is a true double edged sword!! We think that everything’s in the name, it defines you as a band, people relate to you because of your name, the name should grab you and be memorable!!

How different is it to be a band today than say for 30 years ago? I get a feeling that there is much more competition today than there used to be.
– We don’t see any difference at all when it comes to what we do, but there is many more styles of Metal out there, in a way that is great because fans have more choices in many more styles to listen to, as for Competition, I believe Competition was always there, we think competition helped us, it made us as a band stronger, that feeling of competition, makes you feel, you can hang with any band you share the stage with, you always want to be the best and it gives you the strength to always believe in what you do, never shy away from believing in yourself, it makes you better at what you do, you have to believe you are as good as the band you are opening for, you can’t be arrogant, but you can be proud of what you do and how you do it!!

When you released your comeback album in 2015 what kind of reactions did you get from it?
-I think you are referring to the release of Steel n’ Starlight the Auburn Sessions, that was a re-released album, that was recorded before we signed with IRS Records in 87-88, we wanted to release it so our fans could hear different versions of some songs they have heard before and songs that where not on the IRS version, that includes demo tunes, the reaction was great as always!!!

What have you been up to in the 5 years that has passed since the last album? Is there a danger in waiting 5 years between albums, that what you rebuilt with the comeback album has all been for nothing that?
– We decided to record a new CD/Album for our fans starting in 2010 but was unhappy with the recording results, we did not have label support so we had to find another way of recording it on our own! We decided to purchase the recording equipment on our own and do it ourselves! That took time and money!! We also had to learn on the fly the process of recording, that even took more time! But we really think the effort will be worth it to our fans and we are very happy with the product!!!

It is very hard to be 100% satisfied. Everybody seems to be disappointed with something they have released. Is there something that you in hindsight would have done differently on this your latest recording?
-Are we satisfied to a point, Yes, 100%?? absolutely not, it’s art and you believe in it when it’s finished, you could have always done it better, and that drives you to try harder the next time, that being said, we are extremely happy to have it coming out on No Remorse Records on 5/29/2020, they are a great label to be with and very supportive, we believe in the music and our Shok Paris style, 100%, this is all about our fans that have stood by us for over 31 years, this is for them, the New Music is all about our fans!

Promotion can be a bitch. Even today with all different platforms it can be hard to reach out to all those that might be interested in your music? What alleys have you used to get people familiarized with your band?
-Most of the promotion is being handled by No Remorse Records, they are great at what they do and have been doing it for years, we have Faith in them for that!! As a band, we are doing promotional work right here, with you and Shok Paris thanks you for that, I have been doing at least 2 to 3 Magazine/Webzine Interviews a week over the past 3 to 4 weeks, it’s keeping me busy, and that’s a Great problem to have, we are very honored to get all of this press and thank you again for contacting us!!

To me art work can be the difference between bust or success. What to you is a great front cover? What should a cover have to make it great?
-To me, maybe it’s because I am older, but I like something that catches your eye and you can actually read the name of the band and I also like having something physical in my hands product to touch, I think way to many bands use a font that is extremely hard to see and understand, and the artwork can be very confusing they should try a photo then, and they don’t do any physical product, on-line only, I feel physical product in one way or another is necessary and they should do that if at all possible anything is better than nothing! As for us, we want the package to look good, look classy and let the Music “do the talking” for the band!!

Do you feel that you are part of a national scene? Is a local/national scene important for the development of new bands?
-Absolutely, that has stayed with us from the beginning, that was our plan from the start, to be a National act, you have to think big, and keep believing!! That is extremely important for developing bands also! When you are an all original material band, you never want to only be known locally, you will never go anywhere with that belief, strive to be a National or International band, it’s what you do it for!!

It could just be me but I got the feeling that the live scene is not what it used to be, even before Covid-19. Tthat more and more people use the net to discover bands instead of going out and supporting new bands live. What is you experience with the live scene?
-I think you are right about that, there are so many different styles of just Metal that it causes fans to just search for and only stay with one type of music thus that causes the scene for that style to be smaller depending on how popular it becomes, it will grow as it becomes popular of course, but when clubs even have national acts of some types of music, the crowds can be small it all depends on what music you like and if it’s a more popular style, music veries as does the fan support! We are very lucky we started when you only had Hard Rock/Metal, that was it, and everyone supported you!! Like going to the Metal Festivals in Europe, the fans are there from all over the world to support you and the crowds are the BEST in the World!!

What does the future hold?
-We hope the future holds a follow-up CD/Album to Full Metal Jacket, we have enough new material for about 2 more new releases, but we want to see what our fans think first of the new one before we decide to move forward!!
Are fans are everything to us, they have supported us for over 30 years, they deserve new music from us for that support, All we want to do is “Make them Proud to be fans of Shok Paris and maybe bring some new fans into the fold!! “Horn’s Up Metal Brother’s and Sister’s!! And thank BATTLEHELM.COM for this Interview and your Support, Keep up the Great work, Metal needs you!!

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