Greek SHOW YOUR FACE are teasing us with an EP. I wanted to know what the reason were so I had to interview them (again). Anders Ekdahl ©2013

What has happened since you released your album “Unleash” in 2011?
-Since the “Unleash” album released, the band immediately started the promotion via all possible means included but not limited to live appearances, encouraging media to review or interview the band, placing tracks in compilation cds etc. The most important aspects in draft were the 10-days GR “Unleash” Tour, METAL HAMMER announced our release as
“The Best Release of the Month”, Got the attention of bands like NIGHTRAGE and SEPTIC FLESH and shared the stage with them. Last but not least, we entered studio in order to release our new material.

Do you feel that the album made you grow as a band? How did you notice that you grew as a band?
-Each daily moves that the band performs are steps forward in different angles. We always hear what people are saying for our music & performance, we are decoding the sales & reviews, then we filter the results ending in carefull actions. In order to reply to your question,
the number of official releases are not making the bands bigger or smaller. The quality counts more than the quanity. “Apnea” release shows that the band matures (you can take a glimpse from the “Afraid” EP) and I believe that is what counts more right now.

From what I understand you are on a new label now. How different is it this time around?
-Due to the fact that we are trying to make steps forward -like I said previously- we signed a deal with a management label, so we are focusing on musical matters only. For the sake of promotion the management label signed us under their sub-label record company for a digital-only EP. That would be more handy reaching a good deal with a known record company.

What is the biggest difference between a national label and an international? Is there any difference these days?
-In both situations there are advantages and disadvantages. Being in a roster of a national label can be more controlable rather than a label from abroad but in case there are no good promotional & distribution services can lead to bad results. On the other hand an international
label may promote you better (if actually believe in you, because there is always the option of being the “release for the label expenses”) but you face the problem of not get paid! Which is better? I don’t really know… Being a metal band is difficult!

You have a new record out now, an EP. What is the reason for this release? Is this to be seen as a try-out to see if there is interest for a new album?
-Releasing an EP actually presents a preview of the upcoming release. We shall collect the reviews/presentations and shall include them in the full length album. All songs from the full album are ready. We just work under a certain promotional plan.

How did you come with the title for the EP? Any greater significance to the title?
-The EP entitled from the track “Afraid”. The track’s lyrics are talking about personal fears and how can we remove them in order to move forward in our lives. We need to make decisions and to be ready for anything. We thought to be the best title for our EP

What can you tell us about the meaning of the art work?
-Cover artwork is inspired by the main track of the EP. The African symbol shows the plant “Fteri” which needs certain temperature and water in order to grow. The Kaleidoscope has it’s own metaphorical meaning of chaotic problems that someone afraid to even try to solve them. One needs to look deep inside him in order to find the courage and the pure truth of one’s life.

How different is it to tour abroad as compared to at home? Is there a difference in interest from the audience?
-Performing on stage in your home country is easier because locals know the band from local media and the response from fans is slightly easier. Performing abroad is always a challenge because fans are not familiar with you and there is what I call “music speaks itself”.

Is playing live still a great way to promote a band?
-Being on stage is a part of musician’s job. Depending on each band’s policy, live apearances are used for promotion or simply it’s in the nature of the band. Metal bands are living on the road. I don’t know and simply I don’t care if managers and labels use lives for promotion or
other needs. I only know that performing lives is my oxygen and I know how can make those metalheads bang their heads!

What can we expect from Show your Face in 2013?
-Certainly the full length album and of course …touring! Thank you so much for this interview and support!

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