The Greek economy might be in turmoil but the Greek metal scene lives on prosperous. Show Your Face is a fine example of that. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

Why would anybody say that they play metalcore? What is in that description in your opinion?
-I think this would be because of some break / beat-downs we have in our songs. Of course we have some break / beat-downs, thrash and “death” riffs, many groovy and progressive parts too. If you ask us how we describe our music we’ll say: “groovy thrashcore” as main description. This is the factor that prevails in our music. As we see it, metalcore includes break/beat-downs, clean melodic vocals (especially in refrains), happy melodies and bangs. We all like metalcore and we are fans of bands such as Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying etc…, but we believe that our style is closer to bands like for example Lamb Of God, Sepultura and At the Gates.

Since I know absolutely nothing about Show Your Face maybe you could tell me something about the band, like where the name comes from? To me it seems a strange name for a band.
-The band exists since 2007 and the name comes from our heads, we are the ones who named the band “Show Your Face”(hehehe)! Seriously now, we thought that the name of the band had to be something to express our beliefs. Showing your face, your true face, needs a great mental strength, balls, needs you to believe in truth, seek truth in your life, live truly even though sometimes you have to pay the price! It’s a way of life!

“Unleash” isn’t your first record. What kind of responses have you had on the previous ones and how has that response formed the sound on this new one?
Yes “Unleash” is our first official release, our debut album. We have also released two self financed demos and a promo cd of this album before. The responses were positive and quite encouraging for us, although the first demo was a live recording in a professional studio and our second demo a recording in our home studio. From the beginning we knew how we‘d like the band to sound, so we tried to achieve it. We worked hard for this but by the time we recorded our first album, the sound was exactly like we wanted it. Finally we were very satisfied of the results and the reviews that our album received in Greece and abroad.

Greece has always had a fanatical metal crowd but how good are they at supporting their local/native metal bands?
-As good as fans all over the world. You know, and I believe you agree with this, an underground band can’t compete bands like In Flames, Parkway Drive, Soilwork or “smaller” bands like Sylosis. We believe that the main reason for that is the promotion the big labels and media do for the bands. Because of that, a fan can easily form a good opinion for a release of a newcomer band which has just signed in a big label. Of course “big” bands deserve the place they have, but there are also bands in the underground scene that deserve a lot more .Sure some skills, good live performance and good music are needed to do something in the Metal Scene, but also advertisement and promotion by the right people, the labels and the media are great factors. In 4 years time a band which is serious about what they do, definitely has fans that’ll support them by going to their live shows, but still can’t compete the already well-known bands.

With the economical collapse that Greece is going through how tough is it to get any sort of buzz going for the new album?
-The situation is worrying and desperate for all countries, not only Greece. Sure in Greece things are worse than other countries but when you love something and you really want it you find ways to do it, even though you have to lack some things. No matter the economic situation in Greece, people that want to listen to music, will listen to music via cds or live concerts.The crisis doesn’t concern only the people that listen to our music but us too, who try to create it. There is a time in your life that you have to decide what you want more.You can’t have it all, you can’t do it all, so you have make a choice!

With the turmoil Greece is going through do you notice that more and more people seek solace in metal as a way of letting go of their frustration?
-We hope so…!!!

What surprised me is that you still release albums on small Greek labels when in fact you should be on a much bigger label. What have you done wrong to not be on a bigger label?
-We don’t really believe this was something “wrong” from our side. It’s too hard to sign in with a big label with so many bands nowadays. There are plenty of examples which show us that if you know important people and have some extra money, it is not so hard to become a member of a big label. Some bands deserve having contracts with big labels, some others don’t. We always try our best for our music and the band hoping that someday our efforts will be rewarded.

Does being signed to a smaller label affect the support you get for touring?
Sure, if a big label supports you, you get more fans than if you are in a smaller one. When you are a famous band, you don’t have to worry for things like booking gigs or promoting the band etc… When you are such a band, what you do most is focus in composing music, because there are other people looking after other things. When you are a small band in a small label and you want to achieve something, you have to try hard for everything on your own. We have support in our gigs but of course not as much as famous bands, but this doesn’t prevent us touring. In October we have a Greek tour for our debut album and after that we will start recording our second one, hoping to sign in a bigger label.

In this day and age when most kids have grown up sitting in front of a computer how do you go about dragging them away from it and into supporting a metal scene?
-We don’t really know if there’s a specific way to drag the young ones from their pc screen. Our opinion is that metal bands should find ways to provoke them through their music and lyrics, in order to get their minds working and return them to real life. If they manage to “turn them on” and convince them to attend a live show, the work is done, nothing else is necessary.

How will you go about taking Show Your Face to another level?
-By playing more and more gigs, by finding a better label and by working as much as possible as a band and individually too.

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