We live in a more globalized world. SHREDHEAD is proof of that. An Israeli band on a a Danish label being promoted by a US ompany. Aharon Ragoza the vocalist answered. © 2015 Anders Ekdahl

To me SHREDHEAD sounds like a gory slasher flick. What was it that made you go with this moniker?
-A Slasher flick vibe is exactly what was going on when we were trying to decide what to call ourselves!
The idea for the name itself came from a friend of ours, and after some heated debates the name SHREDHEAD was decided upon. we feel that it represents us to the fullest, meaning it rolls of your tongue and hits with a punch. And of course, it represents what we love doing most, which is seeing heads shredding to our music!

Was it hard to settle for a metal sound? What would you say has been you greatest inspiration?
-I wouldn’t say it was hard, more of a process really. After playing together for years the sound kind of evolved in to what it is today. Of course it’s influenced by many of our favorite bands, so I can’t say that there is a ”greatest” inspiration, but Pantera, Lamb of God, Testament, and Exodus are definitely on the list, along with a lot of punk and grunge and basically any music we like to listen to ourselves.

What is it that inspires you to write lyrics?
-Beliefs, ideas, speculations, questions, and curiosity. when I write down lyrics for a song I write part of myself in to the lyrics, whether its an idea of mine or an insecurity I have.
What inspires me most is the knowledge that part of me will reach ears and eyes that I myself could never reach, the knowledge that my words may help someone through a rough time.
To me the lyrics are my purest way to express myself.

When you pick a title for an album what is it that you want that title to say to the potential buyer?To
-give a solid statement about what the album is. It’s a hard process and boy has it taken us a while to think of a name for each of our albums, but in the end it is the shortest, most powerful way to describe the album!

How important is art work today when people download their music?
-I think the artwork holds the same relevance as it always has. Although people today do download music they still browse for things to download, therefore the same type of visual selection holds true.
Artwork is the first thing you see when you think of an album, and the first thing you see when you look for an album online as well as when you look for an album at a record store.

When you come from Israel do people internationally greet you with open arm or are they hesitant because you are not Swedish, American or British?
-So far my experience, as small as it is, hasn’t shown me any hesitation from anyone who meets us. We are musicians, as are most people we meet and that makes us the same regardless of where we come from.
That’s one of the things I think is special in the metal scene, we are all metal-heads! Whether you’re Russian or Japanese, if you like metal, you’re a metal head and your place of birth loses it’s relevance.

Do you find that there are limitations to being a band when you come from a country not widely known for its music?
-The only real limitation is the fact that the only way out is on a plane, other than that any limitation is nonexistent.
Because today through the power of the internet it doesn’t matter where you’re from, your music can reach every corner of the globe. As I see it when it comes to music today there just aren’t any limits.

What is the Israeli metal scene like? Is there a metal scene to speak of?
-It’s small but crazy! you know, when you live in a place like Israel metal is a great place to let the anger and frustration out.
Full of hundreds of talented bands, new releases all the time, the scene maybe small but it sure isn’t boring.
And since it’s so small you get to know literally almost every one there, and most of the people there are the nicest and most fun people on earth!

What is the general Israeli publics take on metal? It is quite different from Israeli folk music?
-I don’t think that the general public in Israel has any idea of what metal actually is, most of them think of it as the ”freaks” music, full of screaming and lacking melody and rhythm. But that’s as fair as it goes on their part. And yes! the folk music is way way different from the metal, although there are a lot of the same scale usage in both they are still very different.

What does the future hold?
-Only the best! tours and festivals and more tours! that’s our dream and we will make it happen! There is nothing else that I can see us doing. so keep an eye out for SHREDHEAD! we’re coming to take on the world!

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