German black metal might not be met with the same reverence as thrash but there are bands like SHRIKE that keep that banner high. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Could you please introduce the band to those of us not familiar with you guys ?
-The Name „Shrike“ springs from a character in a novel of Dan Simmon’s “Hyperion”. An unpredictable creature that timelessly influences his environment. The Band was formed by Uwe, Jul and Moe in May 2006. In June 2006 the first album “Meine Wucherung” arose after only 7 rehearsals. We had our first gig in the Lime Club in Berlin (R.I.P.) in June 2006. Ensaron played the keys for a few gigs. After an abstinence of two years, came Xaver from EREBOR as the second guitarist to SHRIKE in 2009. Our newest Member is Fabi ( Ex-NBG) who has been playing the Bass since 2011. We released “Hinab in die vertraute Fremdheit” in own production, in June 2013.
All members live in Berlin.
You can find photos and videos on youtube and google. You must enter “shrike – black metal”
Black Metal is not war or propaganda. We distance us from any extremist ideology and any attitude that despises mankind (as racism, violence and so on).

You have a new album to promote. What kind of expectations do you have on it?
-We want attention with an album which stands out from the crowd, that lives by individuality with a naturally sound without trigger module. I think you cannot classify this album as melodic black, death or trash metal. It contains all of these elements in it. The reviews are very interesting. On the one hand, our brute songs were praised, and the slowly doom songs stand in criticism. On the other hand, the writer praises our doom songs and criticise the fast ones. The statements are very differently…

What is success to you? How do you define success?
-Success means perceptibly musical progression and that the people connect the name shrike with a black metal band from the fucking hole Berlin. Another success would be to play on a big festival like Wacken or on a festival in Sweden. Invite us, and we come to you. We like it to play live.
But I am pleased with a constructive critic about our music and attention for shrike

What is black metal to you? How do you define black metal ?
-Black Metal changes and fortifies perception, emotions and the personal awareness of the internal and external world/environment and detests herd instincts.
It is the unfolding with all facets and feelings of life. Don’t think in categories such as good and evil.
Mankind is lying, lazy, indolent, drunken or violent.
This is the other side of life. We have many parallel societies, with illness, grief, depression, death and pain. Black Metal breaks the rules of a sunshine live and morality. Life is not only peacefully with flowers and love.
This music direction is a medium for processing our emotions and experiences.

Is there a concept to the band that you follow?
-Our concept is to display the reality of life, sometimes directly and sometimes packaged in philosophical answer.

What is the black metal scene like in your area? What kind of bands do you feel close to?
-We have in Berlin many good bands, but unfortunately there are concerts everyday in the city. Therefore the audience is oversaturated and it is difficult to have a full location.
It is often the case, that you pay to play in a club. Berlin is a heavy boulder for every underground band.
We do exchange concerts with other bands from Germany, or bands from foreign countries. We want to give a platform for the underground metal.
Who is interested from Sweden can write us on
At the moment, we play often with TRANQUILLIZER from Frankfurt/Oder, good music from good peoples or THE GASH, louts from Berlin.
Our Influences are Mayhem, Satyricon, Grabenebelfürsten, Pink Floyd.

How important is the art work and general look for the band?
-We play live without paint or thorn bracelet. We want to make an impression on the public with moshing, movements and with our music. All members have long hairs this is our advantage.
We don’t hide behind facades.
The booklet from our new album, are even painted pictures from Moe. It is a timeless creation and shall activate the own imagination.

How role do the lyrics play? How important are they?
-We cry out of all our emotions, about the grievances of this stupid society. Lyrics play an important role and reflect our attitude.

What is image to you? Is it important?
-We are „normal“ people with job, families and brain and don’t eat children.
We don’t like the angry posturing.
Who wants to be evil is a Christ, You know why?
Because good and evil is an invention from the Christian church.
Who submit the regulating of these shit, is more than a Christ as the stupid pope Ratzinger, ooh no, how was the name from this new guy?

What lies in the future ?
-Currently we are recording a Split CD with WARFIELD from Mexico and THE GASH and composing parallel songs for our third longalbum. We hope that we don’t need seven or seventy years.
Thanks for the opportunity to send few words.
Greetz from SHRIKE from the stinking capital city from Germany to Sweden
You find more informations soon on

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