SHTURM. Try saying that name quick three times in a row. But the strange name beside this is a band well worth checking out. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Shturm is a totally new band to me. What is your story?
-Hi! I’m Omut, I play the guitar and sing in a clean voice. I have been playing since 2004. Before this the group composed of two persons who had founded it. These are Adar (guitar, lead vocal) and Sinner (bass, vocal. Left the group in 2004). The first material represented a raw and aggressive black and had been recorded on a single “Shape of Chaos”. The album “Fresh Christian Meat” was more various, it was an energetic black-death metal with some melody. A rather interesting symbiosis. The next album was recorded only in 2009. “Kalahia” is a n energetic death with speed black metal riffs and ethnic moments. This pause was caused by some difficulties with the membership. We always wanted the group to be a family for its musicians but we couldn’t find right musicians for a long time. This had an effect on the mood in the band and on the speed of composing. In 2008 the drummer Petreno joined us. Now we three represent the membership of “Shturm”. Together we have worked at our new album “Karmaruna” released at Darknagar Records this spring.

“Karmaruna” as an album title tell me that you might be into the some sort of ancient history/storytelling. What is it that influences you when you write music and lyrics?
-Not quite. “Karmaruna” is one of the names of life invented by us. All that we see around, that we feel are the sprouts of our past actions. These are signs-runes which reflect our past actions. This is not our idea but the law of Karma made by Buddha Shakjamuni about 2500 years ago. We have simply interpreted it in the texts of our songs. We are influenced a lot by the Buddhist philosophy when we make our lyrics. But many songs with texts about our own feelings, thoughts and modest experience have appeared on the new album. We hope it will be useful for our listeners. WRT music we compose it because of sadness, happiness; in some unsuitable situations when melodies come up to the mind. So it’s difficult to speak about concrete influence – all the world around impress us, incite us to express pur emotions in music))

Your music is quite aggressive. Where do you see it fit into the universal metal scene? How would you like for it to be described the correct way?
-Honestly it’s difficult for us to give a concrete stylistic description to our music. It’s not a manifestation of narcissism – making “Karmaruna” we tried to guard ourselves from needless influence, not to be limited by the frames of styles of metal. We are sure that it’s still energetic, sometimes very lyrical metal – sometimes death with black atmosphere, progressive and even heavy. But we can hardly describe our style.

What does it mean to you to be in a band?
-As I mentioned above, for us three the group first is the round of our relations where you are sure in a mutual understanding and kindred of views. The musical unity is the result of the friendship)) For each of us the group is a considerable part of our life, money and attention – few thing interest us in life)

Does it play any part in a band’s development to have local bands to look up to when you start up yourself?
-We always love such Russian groups as Aria, Master, Black Coffee, Legion but they can’t be considered as “local”)) Our contryman, the drummer of a perfect Russian band Drama has helped us to record our first album. The work of Ragor always impress us.

What bands have been the most important in the formation of your sound?
-We tried not to be guided by someone when we were recording the album. Nevertheless it’s difficult to refuse the influence of such bands which guide us during our life – – Iron Maiden, Metallica, Blind Guardian, WASP, Judas Priest, Pantera, ????, ??????, Iced Earth, Helloween, Immortal, Marduk, Dissection, Drama, Ragor and many others. In terms of sounding we tend to a cold black atmosphere with original colour typical for old heavy metal bands loved by everyone.

I get a feeling that you are far away from the rest of the European metal scene. How much does it bother you that you can’t go on a weekend tour of like say Germany?
-Yes, the geographical position doesn’t help us))Many disadvantages are connected with it, for example concerts and promotion of Shturm. If a group in Europe can organize a tour without a lot of expenses in Russia you can only arrive in one of the tour cities and you have to go there by train pending 48 hours)) So is our beloved Country)

What kind of live scene are you a part of? How important is playing live to you as a way of growing as a band?
The concerts are very important for us. This is the main way to express live emotions and moods living in our souls when we make the material. We try to develop ourselves in musical way, make interesting and qualitative show and we always think about actuality of shows and image.

What does it mean in terms of getting noticed that you have a CD to show for? Do people take you more serious when you have something to show for?
-When we finished the work we have put the promos of our songs. After that many metalheads have contacted us in order to buy discs. Now, when the discs are available to order in and to buy in shops we have begun to receive many interesting feedbacks. I think are important for many listeners and interest them.

What future is there for Shturm?
-We hope for many things. We try to make our dreams true. The listeners will judge about it. We plan to promote our new clip for one of the songs from “Karmaruna”, the recording of EP, concerts and later the recording of the next album. Stay with us, it’ll be more interesting farther. Good luck, be healthy everybody who didn’t spare the time to read the interview! Thank you for interesting questions!

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