SICADIS are no Dorothy. This is metal with a capital M. Check out the answers from Andy J to find out more about this band. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I get a distinct feeling that there are parts of the US that are “more” metal than others. What has been the hardest part of being metal in the place you come from?
-Sicadis is from Kansas City, MO. We have seen some world class metal bands come from here and be successful. The band, Origin, from Topeka, KS is a good example. There are also plenty of fans of heavy metal music, but the biggest hurdle for us to get over is that everyone is so spread out and live very far apart from one another. This makes it hard to get people to come out to all of the shows sometimes, but when a good show comes around EVERYONE comes out of the woodwork to go to them. That’s the funny thing about metal. My friend plays bass in a jazz band, and he told me how inspiring it was to see such support for a genre of music. Metal fans will drive across a whole state to see their favorite bands while carving Slayer into their arms! Haha! In my opinion, no other genre of music has as dedicated fans as Heavy Metal!

When you don’t come from NY or LA do you have to fight more for attention than had you’d come from these places?
-The Kansas City music scene is very tightly knit. Bands out here are very friendly to each other and and are willing to go out of their way to help each other out. Same goes with the promoters. I feel that this benefits everyone. If any bands start to get an ego then they get a reality check really quick by everyone else in the music scene. I have seen many touring bands from Hollywood, LA, New York, and other bigger cities come through Kansas City and get their asses handed to them by a local Kansas City opening band that blows them off the stage. I’m not saying that KC is better than any other music scene, but I am saying that when bands from other cities come through KC they better bring their A-game.

When you don’t come from any of the hot spots so to speak does that allow you to be more free in what you create? Do you feel that bands from NY or LA are more restricted in what they can do?
-Not really. I think that the Internet gives everyone equal access to the wealth of knowledge that is out there. You can’t lie to people anymore without them calling you out, and in my opinion it’s great! If anything, the lack of distractions in small towns gives musicians who live there more reason to focus on their art.

To me USA is an extremely commercial place where everybody in media is paid off by big corporations. How do you go about getting your name out to the right channels in order to make the music heard?
-The first ways people often hear our music is through word of mouth and free media outlets like Spotify and Youtube. We are offering our entire album Blood of a Thousand Hearts to be streamed online for free from various online magazines. This symbiotic relationship benefits both the bands and the websites for exposure. We have received great feedback worldwide so far. We make this music for ourselves and for those who appreciate it for what it is. Nobody else matters.

How hard is it today to find a band name that sounds good without sounding stupid and that has the meaning you want it to have?
-We chose the Cicada because it is one of the loudest sound producing insects in the world. We also appreciate the philosophy of the creature. It stays underground and prepares itself until it is ready to emerge and attack the world with it’s aggressive sound! That’s what we have been doing the past few years. We are preparing for our strike!

I’m still very much a CD guy but I understand that there a generation that has no idea what a CD is or why you should buy albums. How tough is the music industry today to break into? To me it seems that labels only go for the safe cards these days.
-Labels are dying and filing for bankruptcy. Smaller labels are trying to acquire the rights to as much music as possible so they can increase their value before they declare bankruptcy and are bought out by bigger labels. It’s deceiving to the new bands that they sign. The DIY approach is ideal, but let’s face it… nobody can do everything on their own. The more rights a band can keep with their own music now a days the better! Somebody has to crack some eggs to make an omelette. The more of their own eggs that a band can contribute to the omelette the bigger the bite they will get in the end.

With an industry struggling for a grip does this mean that DIY is coming back with a thunder? How DIY are Sicadis?
-We recorded, mixed, and mastered our entire CD in our guitarist’s basement. This means that we get 100% of the profits back, but it is very hard work to promote your own album. You still need a strong team to help you reach further than your own means will allow you to. We have had great success so far using PR companies such as Clawhammer PR to help us promote our album through outlets that we would have never thought of on our own.

How tough is it to do stuff on your own? How much do you have to sacrifice to get it done? Will you ever see your investment paying off?
-It is a lot of hard work to record, fund, and promote your own album. We have sacrificed a lot of personal time and social time to invest in this band, We look at a band as a company, and a company needs employees to do the jobs that it needs to grow. I feel like the more we feed this Sicadis monster the bigger and stronger it gets. It’s feast or famine sometimes. Sometimes you are on top, and some times it’s time to get back to work!

What is it that you want to get out of being in a band? How well have you done so far?
-For most of us music is our medicine, without it who knows we might become serial killers. Seriously though we’re all normal dudes who love to jam, and love to make music, the rest is up to everyone else, and as far as I know none of us have killed anyone yet. Haha!

Now that you have an album out how do you plan to make the most of it?
-Play out anywhere, and everywhere we can. We’re willing to do show trades, but with everyone having day jobs we’re normally limited to playing weekends. We also plan to release another video, and network anyway we can by doing things like talking to you guys! Thanks and cheers!

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