With members like Bob Bachus (Asphyx) and Chris Reifert (Autopsy) SIEGE OF POWER should be of interest to everybody into death metal. Answers from Bob. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

We all come into music with our own baggage. We want different things from the music. How does the vision you had for the band when you started compare to the vision you have for the band today? What is this band really all about? What do you want with your music?
Bob- When I first started Asphyx in 1987 the only thing I wanted to do is to make obscure doom/death metal in a simple and straight forward way.
No nonsense obscurity.
We did it for ourselves in the first place,made rehearsals and demo’s, got signed and still wanted to stay dark and heavy.
That vision is still the same today but with different people and different bands.
Just stay true to ourselves and our roots and do only the things we want.
With Siege Of Power we wanted to make an album exactly like this one,Warning Blast, and still not giving a shit about other peoples opinions or critics.
We love it and that is what counts.
Siege Of Power is about 4 guys who know eachother for more than 30 years(Chris,Theo and myself) and Paul since 2006 doing a band in the old SOD, Discharge, Carnivore style without thinking too much of the future.

Is there a difference in people’s attitude towards you if you don’t come from a cool place like LA or NY or London?
Bob- I don’t know. Never noticed if people reacted differently when I said I come from a very small village surrounded by farmers.
Besides,I don’t find LA or NY cool places at all. I prefer small villages.
I do notice that there is a difference in attitude when you are playing in a popular band or in a small band.
But in the end I really do not care about that at all anyway.

When you release an album that get pretty good feedback, how do you follow up on that? How important is that I as a fan can identify album to album?
Bob- That is difficult but the worst thing you can do is to force yourself to top it or copy it. That really makes no sense at all.
I can only speak for myself but we just do what we want to do and don’t mind about any critics or whatever. If we think we have cool songs then we just record it since it is us who likes it.
As a fan you know you get a honest album where the band stands a 100% behind it instead of an album which comes from the head instead of the heart.

What is the biggest challenge in the creation of an album? How do you write the really cool songs?
Bob- The biggest challenge might be to get the right mix and artwork which fits the lyrics and atmosphere.
You work with different people on it and it is always exciting to see it coming all together.
For the Siege Of Power – Warning Blast the songwriting went extremely fast and spontaneous. Paul came up with the riffs and then the 2 of us booked a studio and started jamming them into short tracks.
Then we recorded them and never changed them later on again. We said ” oké,this is it and that’s how it stays too”.
We did this album for our own fun and the love for old HC/thrash from the 80’s without thinking things over like a 100 of times.
Sure,some things could have been done better etc etc but then we would have lost the spontaneous vibe which it has now.

I saw Dave Grohl’s documentary about Sound City and it made me wonder what it is about analogue recording that you don’t get with digital? Have you ever recorded analogue?
Bob- Ah,I saw a Dave Grohl docu too last week(about Nirvana and the Foo Fighters) and it was great watching it and recognizing things too.
Analogue sounds perhaps untighter but it sounds alot more organic. I love analogue alot more than digital but these days digital has advantages as well and with re-amping you get your sound anyway.
I did analogue albums ,of course, like all Asphyx and Soulburn albums. It may not sound as tight as a motherfucker but it sounds good enough for me.

What is it like to sit there with a finished album? Do you think much what people will think of it?
Bob- That is a great feeling. I still listen to “Warning Blast” at least once a week.
When you get the final mix and all sounds good enough for the album then I think ” we did it!”
I really don’t think much about what other people think. We get trolled anyway,we are used to that for decades,haha!
But honestly I really don’t care about critics. Most important is that we,the band, are happy with it and had a great time recording it. Everybody knows it better anyway….except the band itself,haha! But if people do enjoy it that is cool too,of course.

How important are the lyrics and what message do you want to purvey?
Bob- The lyrics are important for a band like Siege Of Power for sure.
They are very social critical and have that bitterness and anger we face everyday. The songs have alot of anger too and that is what it’s all about here. We are not here to preach or whatever but only spew our anger about things and we better can do that by doing music instead of start killing assholes.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
Bob- Yes,same here. It is the first impression and a sort of moodmaker.
If the cover is rubbish it mostly has a negative effect on the album’s atmosphere. I mean, when I was just a kid I always was greatly impressed by the Iron Maiden albumcovers. And they set the right mood for the album too. It all fitted! The same goes for our band,the albumcover fits our concept a 100%. A desolate destructed area where all hope is pretty much lost. It has to fit the lyrics and the atmosphere.

When you play live do you notice a degree of greater recognition from the fans with each new time you pass through town?
Bob- We have no actual plans of playing live with Siege Of Power at this point but who knows?
But with my old band Asphyx we saw the band get bigger and bigger and started to attract more fans to each show eventually.

What do you see in the future?
Bob- We will see what the future brings for us. We are doing Siege Of Power for our own fun in the first place and we succeeded in it with “Warning Blast”.
The album comes out in September and we already got really cool offers for live shows.
But we are not going to rush things or whatever and see what stuff might come up.

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