SILENT LEGES INTER ARMA came to me as a blank. After having checked them out I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

OK, let’s start with the name. Why such a long and hard to decipher band name?
-We chose our name because of our interpretation of that kind of idiom – Whatever it may be – find what you love and do keep it on fire till you die. Concerning our music it means that it just doesn’t matter whether we create “modern” or rather “classical” riffs– it has to sound good. That’s just what we want.

Can you explain to me why so many black/extreme metal bands have an almost militaristic graphic approach to their art work/outlook?
-Well this question is hard, but I think many people try to be something different as they were in their “real” life, it is like a roleplay, you can make things you cant do in everyday life and “let it out” on stage, but back in daily life you have to say yes to your boss, smile and think “fuck you bitch” – so that’s a good way to let out your aggression.

What is the status of the German black metal scene? Where do you guys fit in?
-I dont think we fit in any corner, every gig we played in the past the other bands played an absolutely different style, like deppressive, primitive, raw black or death metal, but thats very interesting, looking at the audience and see how they react.
The german black metal scene is still alive, there are many bands and listeners and it will never stop till the day the last musician will die.

As there are as many black metal styles as there are bands what is black metal to you guys?
-Rebellion – to transcend borders and limitations, fuck on everythink people say and make what you think what is right.

How would you like to describe the album in terms of contemporary black metal terms? Where does the album fit in?
-All and nothing, we try to make each song in a different black metal style, “i will hunt you down” is like a new satyricon song, “for the dead” is a kind of depressive black metal, “we are” is raw black metal, “falcon-headed one” is a mixture between death and black metal.. and endless list.. So where does it fit in? That depends on the listener i would say.

What kind of live show do you put on? How important is it to put on a show?
-We love to play live, it is this special feeling you can only get with an audience and a PA that is driven to its limits. Live we’ll play some songs of both cds and eventually some new ones, but that’ll depend to the atmosphere and our feelings on stage. Sometimes we jam a lot and sometimes we play nearly exact the same thing as on cd, so you will see by yourself

How important is it to be underground, to not let the wrong kind of “audience” in?
-Unimportant i would say, if people like your band and they buy a cd – in my eyes that’s a honor. And in my opinion the audience is a very important point, if the people are totaly drunk, they don’t listen to the music but that’s okay, they have fun. If they stood still in front of the band and nod with their heads, that’s a honor for us to, it means they really hear the music and think about it, that’s good

When you record how do you go about achieving the right kind of sound? Do you have to be in right kind of mood to get the right sound?
-For the sound the sound engineer is the main person, we only say in which direction we would like to have the sound but he has to do his job. I can’t speak for the others but i don’t need to be in the right mood, when i play i “fall” in the right mood, it is like a kind of inebriation.

How do you know when you are done in the studio? How tempting is it to fix details?
-We jam a lot and in the studio we don’t play in a fixed way, the main structure is done, but in detail we don’t think about it, one comes to another and it is ready when our feeling says it is ready. I write our songs by taking a riff and constructing the other parts around it, like an organic structure – it evolves itself – it becomes a process with its own dynamics and so it is in the studio to.

What would you like the future to hold for you?
-Nothing special, we let things happen, but many good concerts, damned good songs and an audience in a very good mood would be great. That’s all.

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