SILENT OPERA might just be another Italian goth metal/Lacuna Coil wannabe but lend them an ear and you’ll notice that there is more to them than meets the ear. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I gotta ask this: What is it with Italian metal bands and symphony? I don’t know how many symphonic metal bands I’ve heard coming from Italy.
-In these years in Italy there has been an explosion of bands of this kind. Some are born for passions, some to follow the trend, and some just to emulate the great symphonic metal founders. The difficult thing is to be able to find a specific identity which characterize the group, making the band unique.

Where do you draw your greatest inspirations from? What kind of vision did you have for Silent Opera?
-The inspiration, for both the music and lyrics, comes, as it often happens, from everyday life, from
feelings and the mood you’re in. One day you can be angry or happy, and a song see the life. Or maybe a melody comes into your mind while you’re just walking… Regarding the second question, Silent Opera are a strange concept; every period, every album, has its concept, used to express at its best the message we want to share. Immortal Beauty treats about the beauty-theme, the efforts to keep it unchanged forever, and the masks used to hide what we really are; the band comes as immortals devoted to pleasures and luxury. Silent Opera will always be like that: a visual group, not just a musical one.

I understand that you’ve gone through some line-up changes recently. What kind of state of mind does that leave you in when you are in the middle of promoting an album and then half the band leaves?
-Sure it’s not a great thing when some of us has a major priority and is forced to leave the band.
Especially when it happens when we are promoting a new album! These months were difficult; many certainties translated into doubts and problems. But we are glad we found two new members; the feeling and cohesion between us is great now, the passion that was getting lost has come back, and we are stronger than ever!

How do you continue on from that? Where do you find the new members and the strength to carry on?
-Silent Opera are back and already working on new materials; we’ll publish soon the first single with Aria at the voice. The strength to go on comes from this: when you find people who share your same dream and willing to work together at it; it’s a great feeling, especially when the new members perfectly fit in the band, also bringing new ideas that you’ll be able to see and listen to soon.

You’ve spent time on doing a music video. What were there reasons for that? What channels are there today to get it shown on?
A musical video, in this multimedia area, it’s pretty much needed; it associates faces to music, to express with images what the song is about, and, for us, it’s also to show the world we’re a visual group; images must be associated to our music to be able to realize what Silent Opera are. And that’s what we do at concerts, were we try to propose a real and concrete representation of the songs. The video allow us to shows what we are also to whom hasn’t got a chance to see us playing live. Obviously the main channels are Youtube and Facebook; they are indeed useful to show to everyone what we are, to fans and casual visitors.

There seem to be countless of record labels willing to give you a chance but how do you know that you’ve found the right one? Everybody can promise you gold and green forests but only few can deliver on that promise.
-The music world is a difficult one to emerge; but it’s not just that, it’s also full of promises. We
decided to sign with Ravenheart because they have been transparent and available from the beginning; with no doubts or marginal notes to make clear; we also have a strict direct contact; the label is always at disposal and kind; we are pretty satisfied with them.

What kind of reactions have you had to your album so far? Where do you see it fit in today’s metal scene?
-I must say we’re getting so much good responses! We received many positive feedbacks from
visitors through the world; either fans or not. Obviously there’s always someone who views things
differently, or has something to say or criticize; as long as the critics are constructive we try to learn from them and correct ourselves, whenever it’s possible! I think I am not supposed to place ourselves in today’s metal scene… our listeners should do it!

Do you see a danger in painting yourself into a corner with such a specific style of metal that you play? How much room for variation is there?
-I don’t think that our style has a limit. Indeed, as I said, Silent Opera are a changing concept, which evolves and grows. Surely symphonic music is the main road we follow, but there’s always a chance to characterize it and change it; take our “Your Muse”; it implements new elements in our music, with synthesizers, loops and darker atmospheres.

How do you take the record from the studio to the stage? How different will the music be live compared to on record?
-Obviously every orchestrations we use in our CD can’t be reproduced live, so we use bases to be able to give the fans the best reliable experience of our music. If the CD is what is needed to get every details of our compositions, live concerts are needed to give them life, and set-off their power and transmit it to the crowd!

Do you feel that the rest of 2012 will be the year for Silent Opera? What have you planned?
-This will surely be a great year for the band! We are going to play live in many dates, we are going to promote the album at our best, and in the meanwhile we’ll continue to compose new songs for the next CD, hoping to start to record it by the end of the year. Obviously to keep you updated on our activities, you can follow us on or

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