SIMPLEFAST is a band that deserves your attention. Read this interview and keep checking them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2018

A band name says more than thousand words, or does it? How important is a band name to get people interested in your music?
-A band’s name is as important as everything around the band. An album cover, a guitar riff, a drum fill and many more.
It is one more detail that makes a difference, includes its own story of creation and characterizes the band in many ways.

When you finish a recording and then sit back and relax, what kind of feelings do you get? Are you glad it is finished? Does the anxiety grow, not knowing if everybody will like it?
-We are positive people and when we record an album we are pretty sure about ourselves and the result of our work. When a recording is officially finished all of the anxiety disappears and then all the fun starts due to the impatience for touring around the world and writing again new music. A new album it’s like a newborn baby and we are proud as its parents (laughs).

What is it like to be in a studio recording your music? What kind of feelings and thoughts race through your heads?
-It’s an activity that we share with people, who like the same as we do. When you work with people, who know what they’re doing, any other thought is limited at the back of your mind and you are focused 100% in making music.

Today I get a feeling that the promotion of a band lands a lot on the bands themselves so how does one promote oneself the best possible way in order to reach as many as possible?
-That’s a good question. It lands surely on the bands themselves. Social media is a great modern “weapon” of sharing your work and each one of the band members must promote the work everywhere he/she cans. Along with touring, hard work, and self-improvement that’s a four-piece fully operating mechanism that will do the best work possible.

Today we have all these different sub-genres in metal. How important is that you can be tagged in one of these? Why isn’t metal enough as a tag?
-Sub-genres in any kind of music, is really important, because it makes you differ from other artists that doesn’t play the same style as you do. It basically helps people to know what they are about to hear and not be tricked in any way. Imagine if you want to eat carbonara in a restaurant, but they serve to you another kind of spaghetti, because you couldn’t ask for this specific kind of spaghetti you wanted.

What importance is there in being part of local/national/international scene? Does playing in a band make you feel like you are a part of something bigger? I know it does to me knowing that in some slight way I was a part of the Swedish death metal scene in the 90s.
-Yeah, it surely does. When you are part of a scene it makes you feel stronger and you want to share your music with more and more people every day. When there is a strong scene, music makes steps forward and is getting better with bands working together. More minds are better than one.

Ever since I first got into metal the art work has been a main motivator in buying a record. What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-An album cover is one of the most important parts of a band’s work. People first get to see your artwork and then listen to your music. So, the artwork must be something special and something that characterizes your album’s music.

How important is having a label to back you up today when you can just release your music on any sort of platform online? With the ability to upload your music as soon as you’ve written it, the freedom to create has become greater, but are there any negative consequences to music being too readily available to fans now that every Tom, John and Harry can upload their stuff?
-Nowadays, it may seems that a label is not very important, but believe us, when you are not a giant band, you need every kind of help you will get from a label. Especially when you have a label that backs you up and helps you promote your work in any way, it’s a crucial step for getting heared by more people.

What is a gig with you like? What kind of shows do you prefer to play?
-A gig is the best part for us, because it’s where you connect with the fans and get your music heared and see face to face the reactions of the crowd. The bigger show the better, but in any case we must give 100% of our energy and our will to please everybody in our shows.

What lies in the future?
-A new album within 2019, which we want to make a huge impact around the world, touring in as many countries as possible and try to play along with bands that we admire.

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