SINISTER is about as death metal as it gets. This is a band that has been around for what seems like forever. If you haven’t checked them out yet this might be the time to do so. Anders Ekdahl

Why is Sinister still going strong after all these years in existence?
-Because we like to make music and then of course extreme metal. We like to create new songs and doing live shows all around the globe and that gives us a lot of positive energy to go on.

I remember Sinister from the fanzine days of the 80s. How do you view the journey death metal has done since the 80s?
-That there are so many band at the moment and a lot of different kinds of extreme metal. And one other big difference is that the level of bands is so high now a days that you have to be really good to come with something special.

How do you view the progress that the band has done over the years?
-We always had or have our own sound that no other band has and I am proud of that. Of course we try to get better every time but it all has to fit in the sinister sound. We will never do some strange stuff in our music to show to everybody how good we became. For us is more important to try to make the songs better with catchy stuff in it, parts that stays in your head after listening to our music. A lot of times the problem with bands is that they can play amazing but are not that good
in creating catchy songs. I think a band like sinister deserves also much more than they get sometimes. I hate it when some simple sounding famous bands get the best reviews also when the music is complete shit.

If my memory serves me right you were kinda cutting edge having a female vocalist in a death metal band long before anybody else did that. What was the reason for that?
-I was with Rachel at that time (happy not anymore) and she was all time saying to me why she cannot join the band as a singer and this was going on almost day and night for a very long time. It came at the point that I had so enough from this that I asked the other guys if it was ok
for them that she will join the band, they said yes but I know they were not happy with this at all. One other thing I can say about this, that this was the beginning of the end for Sinister, and that was also the reason why we split up for two years so the band was able to take care of everything before the new start.

When you are on your 11th album where does inspiration come from?
-Our love for death metal simple is that haha. We love to play in and with sinister so all members put all their energy and free time in it… this is also the reason why we always have enough inspiration for the next record.

How different is it to release an album today as supposed to 5 or 10 years ago? How has the change in how record labels work affected Sinister?
-We do our thing with sinister the way we like it and nobody will tell us what to do. NO WAY !!! When it comes to record companies that had not really a big affect on us because we still do our thing the same way like 20 years ago. We are at massacre records and are pleased with them.

To me Sinister has always been a live band. But that scene has changed too. How different is it touring today as opposed to back in the 90s?
-Touring is for us still possible but not for a long time. We all have families and work to take care off. Touring back in the days was really cool because you didn’t had so much bands so when a band was on tour always a lot of people came to the shows. Now a days you have a million bands and so fucking many shows that people cannot go to every show anymore and that is also the reason that by some killer bands no people showing up and that is a shame of course.

All these changes, have they been for the better or was it better in the past? How much of the spirit of the scene has died with the illegal downloading problematic?
A lot of course. For people like me I love it to have a CD or LP in my hands and that also means really something for me because I know how much work it is. Fans nowadays special young people don’t care about this at all, when they like something they download it listen a bit to it and when they get bored from it the delete it aaarrrggghhh .. they have no idea what a work you have to do for it, and this is of course also the reason why record companies almost don’t sell CDs anymore.

How old school in spirit is Sinister these days? Do you feel that you need to keep the old ideals higher these days?
As I told you before, Sinister is doing its own thing, on the first place we create music for our self and then we hope of course that other people also will like it haha. But we are never thinking we have to be old school as possible.

What future do you see for Sinister?
-We like to go on long as possible with making CDs and doing live shows all over the globe. This is the reason why we do this killer band.

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