I love finding new bands I’ve never heard of before. Turkish SIRANNON is one of these. Black metal in the Scandinavian tradition with an added twist. Anders Ekdahl ©2011

I know so very little about the Turkish metal scene. What kind of scene is it and what kind of response do you as a black metal band get from the fans?
S : There are many styles of metal and rock scene in Turkey. It seems to be better day by day if the bands would like to a little bit more develop themselves. We remember that, most people here used to consume the black metal like mad. In nowadays they prefer the popular trends more than the old school styles. However we still believe in the spirit of black metal. We do much efforts and give as a mark of respect and people founded remarkable once doing our job. So, we challenge against to the popularism and degeneration in this metal scene. And of course, our fans always support us about this matter.

Where do you get the idea to form a black metal band in Turkey?
S : We were born with this black spirit, have in our blood. We would compose our songs in this style and we would come together again to expose this chaotic sound in the depths of our souls, even if we have been at the other end of the world. It doesn’t matter where we live in. It’s just something like fate…Our band’s members already live in different cities.

Sirannon seem to be a mythological significant place. Why did you choose this as your band name?
S : Sirannon is a determinative river for the gate of Moria in Tolkien’s epic novels. And we chose this name because of it has a spiritual meaning for us. As to have stable and specific ideals…

Being a black metal band in a country that is as religious as Turkey is, does that create any kind of controversy?
S : There are people living here from every kind of life style, There is also the same status in other countries. Some people choose to live as religious, some people choose to live as atheist. Shamanic religion had been previously preferred in Turkey. But now the phenomenon of religion is not very important here anymore, at least not for “laic”(-cultured & educated) people like us. We know that, unfortunately Turkey has not been very well advertized itself so far. Due to picture an image by the idiot politicians. Turkey is not a place just belonging to the dullish conservatives. In fact, this place has a many beautiful places, nature, seasons, foods with historical riches for holiday or living…
-We don’t mind politicians or uneducated, empty-headed people. They are braggart, two-faced and yegg. They could never argue with us for that reason. Even if they say something about our idea or music, we don’t care about what they say. Because they’ll never understand us and what we would like to do…

It seems that there are as many definitions of black metal as there are bands. What is black metal to you? How deep does your conviction go?
S: Actually, we think about that the music is only music but we perform the dark side of arts. For instance, like masterpieces of W. Shakespeare’s Macbeth or Hamlet as shown in theatres or as any horror movie. This is a black art. But sometimes that is happening such of things in real life. We are here to say that the unsaid things until now and we are much confident of our conviction.

In today’s black metal scene we see a whole lotta different styles, from Wolves In The Throne Room to Watain to Darkthrone to Dark Funeral. Is black metal black metal without the corpse paint and alter egos?
S: Black metal is an endless revolt against the bastard world order and their rules. There is not only goodness, beauty, peace, light and joy in this world as you know. But in television and media have always shown the programs about the love, gossip and drama to brainwash the youth. Black metal shows the realities, cross-purposes of this life and everyone has not courageous to hear or see these realities. Some bands can use the corpse paint to be enunciative of themselves and differences extremely. That image and musical characteristic can be mutable according to the bands. But the main idea, the rebellious and aggressive attitude won’t change.

How pleased are you with your debut album “Semper Caliga”? Did it turn out the way you wished it would?
S: Honestly, Our first album ‘Semper Caliga’ might not be very well as recording according to some people. But these songs were suitable to that sound. We think we made a good job with this album after all. It was a great beginning for us. We’re still trying to improve ourselves about the musical techniques and more. We believe that we will turn out better with the new album. We have already begun to study compositions for our new songs and they have more different, effective and aggressive quality this time. Recording is soon!

How did you get in contact with Unmerciful Death in order for them to release your debut album?
S: Unmerciful Death Productions contacted with our ex-guitarist ‘Haec’ (But she’s gone there to live in U.S.) and then we signed the contract between us. They are still supporting us about promotion and distribution for our album. We are pleased and appreciated for their efforts.

Now that you’ve come so far as to release an album, where do you see Sirannon go in the future?
S: Sirannon will definitely be better on stages with its new songs and the best recordings in future. So, we’ll be together with fans as strong as bone.

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