SIXFORNINE might not have the coolest name but as long as the music is cool then the name is of less importance. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

What is this band really all about?
-Jamming, being creative, exploring new musical boundaries, having great time and of co-urse drinking beers!

Is there a difference in people’s attitude towards you if you don’t come from a cool place like LA or NY or London?
-We haven’t experienced any difference in attitude yet but I get the point..
Music is a universal language, people that love music and arts in general don’t care about origin, colour, language or religion.

When you release an album that get pretty good reviews how do you follow up on that?
-With an even better one! Ok, the truth is that there is much work to be done to promote the album. The best way is to play your music live as much as you can.
Of course the social medial part is also very important but playing is even more.

What is the biggest challenge in the creation of an album, to write the songs or to come up with really good songs?
-The song writing process for us happens through endless jamming. We stop tweaking a song when we really feel it’s complete. Sometimes that happens instantly
On a jam and the song just comes to an end naturally, sometimes we spend hours and hours changing parts/sounds or whatever until our ears are satisfied.

Do you prefer working digitally or is physical still cooler?
-We believe we’re facing a turn in the way things work – in the way music is created. For instance vinyl is back, bands play together like they used to back in the 60-70’s… The outcome is more honest, not so “polished” production-wise but it is not a matter of trend for us, it just comes out naturally – so physical is the answer! It’s just the way this band works best. The whole album was created by jamming in our studio.

With a sound that is being described as both this and that by fans how do you view your sound?
-It is gonna be difficult to categorise our sound… So far we have been described as “stoner”, “progressive rock”, “alternative metal”. There are elements of many genres for sure. If you listen to our songs you’ll find many influences mostly from the 70’s 90’s and the modern era so I guess the prog-rock / alternative metal would suit best if you wanna put a label on our sound.

How important are the lyrics and what message do you want to purvey?
-They are very important for the completion of each song. Each song has to do with different sentiments, visions and every day’s problems.

What part does art work for album covers play in the world of the band?
-The artwork has to be harmonically connected with the music, think of Nevermind by Nirvana or Black Album by Metallica and the list goes on and on. Didn’t they play a huge part in their world?

When you play live do you notice a degree of greater recognition from the fans with each new time you pass through town?
-We are still a new band so it’s a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll but till now we’ve received very positive feedback. Each and every time we play live we wanna give intensive shows, full of energy and people enjoy that.

What do you see in the future?
-Many live shows around the world, lots of studio albums and of course maintaining the fun part cause music business nowadays is very difficult especially for new bands.

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