SIX MAGICS from Chile might be unknown to most of us but hopefully that will change with time. A good start would be to read this interview. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Let us start with a short introduction of the band so that everybody not familiar with you will get to know you a bit better?
Well after 15 years it’s a little bit complicated to say something short hahaha..We are a chilean band.We started as many other bands around the world. I was the manager for 10 years and almost like an accident, I started singing in Six Magics!!. We have been the supporting band of Nightwish, Rhapsody, Tarja Turunen, Blind Guardian among others. We toured in Europe twice two tears ago, and now we are promoting our fourth studio album “Falling Angels”.

I imagine that there is a big metal scene in Chile. Is there a lot of cooperation between the bands? How much of a DIY is there in the scene?
The Chilean metal scene has changed a lot since the 80’s. It used to be very big. Now it’s different, Iron Maiden gets more than 50 thousand people in a concert, Megadeth is almost sold out in a smaller venue but it’s not wasy for chilean bands to get the same attention. Anyway, there exist a big amount of very good bands here, Chile is a country of good musicians!! Bands try to make their best but it’s hard cause here we don’t have a real Metal Industry. So DIY is the only way ou have to grow up until something more intersting can happen. The chilean metal scene is very good for foreign bands, It’s well known that the chilean audience is one of the best ones in the world. But as we have a lot of concerts every month, people preffer to save money for them hahaha..

How well do you fit into the Chilean metal scene? What kind of reactions are you getting from the national metal fans?
In this case I must say we are really lucky. Since the very beginning Six Magics has been supported for the local specialized media and people. We have been considered among the bigger chilean metal bands, but those titles given by some press are not so relevant as the people support. They have given us the strenght to continue doig this. They are very kind with us: they buy the tickets everytime we play and buy the albums everytime they go out. It was also surprising to me when I got nto the band as a singer: they just support the band’s decision and waited fot the third album!! Now we have felt no more than support and love from them with the new album!!

What is the biggest advantage of coming from South America and playing metal? Can you benefit from an increase in interest because you come from Chile?
Hahha..well I really don’t know! You should say it to me ..don’t you think? Hahha..I think music is universal, no matter where it comes from. For instance, Chilean metalheads love the scandinavian metal bands. I think that it’s not possible not to show something of your culture on your music, the groove, the feeling, the accent, the drums patterns, etc evertyhing will be behind of your music, no matter what kind of music you play. Maybe we could contribute with the Latin well know heat hahhaha..

What kind of disadvantage is there to being a South American band? Do you often get lumped together with other South American bands as if you were from the same country, not continent?
No, we don’t. Mainly cause there are not many southamerican bands playing in the same continent. Bands from Brazil, for example, use to play and also live in Europe. There are not so many professional bands able to tour out of their countries, not because they don’t deserve it but the no existence of the Industry I told you before,makes it too hard. A couple of chilean bands go to Europe, Argentinean come to Chile and other latinamerican countries. So there is a very poor movement of bands playing around the continent.

How does a band from Chile end up on a label from Italy? What is the biggest difficulty with having your label on the other side of the world?
You know the good thing that internet brings us!!! Hhaa.all our albums have been edited for european labels: Italian and French ones. Also the albums have been released in USA and Japan. For second time we decided to work with Coroner Records because a very simple thing: they believe in us and we trust them. We worked with them with the previous album “Behind The Sorrow”. Then we had some other offers from other even bigger labels but we chose just with the feeling that this was the best option and we did it right. Fot this album they have been very supportive, too. I think that the biggest difficult is that we spend a lot of time writing emails each other!!! The rest works really well.

With an album out does it feel like this is for real now? What kind of thoughts run through your head now that you can hold a physical product in your hands?
I don’t think that there exist any band in the world that don’t feel any emotion to have the physical product in their hands. Even when you already know how the album sounds, the artwork, etc, it’s like when you finish one stage and go to another. In my case this album means a lot. I was very sick when I recorded it and it gave me strenght to continue fighting. Now it’s the time to spread the music and play live. Now we have to concentrate on the promotion and live shows.

How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with in Chile? What kind of conflicts are there when for example you want to record?
Chile is the most developed country in the region. We have everything to do everything BUT as you can imagine, metal is not the most interesting kind of music for televison or radio stations. Fortunatelly, we have some good studios and sound Engineers. In our case we have recorded with one of the most well known ones ?

Do the social media help in finding ways to solve all your questions and requests concerning the band? Has internet made it easier to be a band in the 21st century?
I think that for promotional purposes, Internet is very very useful. I don’t ned to explain more about it I think. The ways of promoting a band through internet are unlimited but the hardest part of having a band are not always promotion but the relationship between the mambers, the confidence, the time you invest on it, etc. Now it’s easier to promote a band but it’s difficult to sell cds hahah.

What are the future plans for Six Magics?
Right now, our Chilean Label is planning a Chilean tour, the release show for “Falling Angels” and of course we are very concerned about the chilean and European promotion of our new album. The next step, would be start thinking about visit Europe again next year. I hope to see you all then…
Thank you very much for the time and space..



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