I’m old school when it comes to my metalcore. So when SIX REASONS TO KILL was described as just that I feared the worst and got the best. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

I’m a huge fan of band-names. How tough was it to come up with yours? What is the meaning behind it?
-No special meaning. Just a good and hard sounding combination of words that fit together and show you that we’re not a Pop-Act. That’s it.

Do you feel that the band name itself is a way to declare you allegiance to a certain style of metal? That the name is synonymous with a specific style?
-Yo, it refers to some Death Metal Music I think. I guess we would have another name if we played Postrock or Indie.

How tough is it today to build a following when there is so much to choose from for the metal fans? How do you avoid being forgotten between albums?
-We try to keep us in our fans mind. We did three Videoclips to present something new of us. And of course, we toured a lot. Playing shows is the best way to keep in mind.

When you are about to release an album what kind of expectations do you have on it? What is it that you want to happen?
-We want to surprise everybody with our new stuff. I like when people write me that our music infects them to have fun and rotates in their CD-Player. And we want to go out and play concerts with our new stuff showing everybody what our music is.

How do you best promote a band today? Is social media a good way to promote a band? How do you know which ones are the hottest right now?
-Yeah, social media is very important in this times. Everybody is in social media so you can get in contact with everybody via electronic media. You have to keep people to stay in contact with your band. We try to do some funny things and upload some new stuff like videos. We did small video-diaries when we recorded “We Are Ghosts” with small song-snippets to make people curious what’s going on. For us things like that are important to sty in contact with our fans.

Is touring a good way to spread the name of the band? I get the impression that the huge tours that bands like Metallica used to do is a thing of the past and that it these days is more package tours or festivals.
-Yeah, that’s right. But those great packages are mostly in the same places. We love touring and we play as often as possible. We have just returned from a nearly four week trip with Pro-Pain through Europe. We played in countries like Romania or Serbia. Most big package tours do not touch those countries. But it’s fun to play there because people are very friendly and open for new stuff. I still think that discovering a band live is the best way to get into it.

Could you tell us a bit about your new album? What can we expect from it?
-When we startet writing songs we early recognized that things are becoming more melodic than on our last Album. This is okay. When we write music we do not give a shit about trends. We just do what we want. I think this album shows the complete range of what we do. There are really melodic songs but there are also brutal and Black Metal-influenced songs on it. But with every second you can feel that this is a Six Reasons To Kill-album. For me this is what creates the magic of this record.

Is a great looking cover still a selling argument in this day and age of digital download? How important is the art work and lay out today?
-For me the artwork is an essential part of a record. It’s part of the overall concept and the first thing that comes to mind when I think about a record. But I don’t really know how important this is nowadays because most people enjoy music on an MP3-Player without looking for an artwork. But I guess the function of an eye catcher is still important – even on your computer screen. We try to make the artwork a part of our whole concept. If you come up to a live show you will find elements of the cover artwork on the stage. So it’s interesting to get into the meaning and understand what the meaning of it.

How do you get those that download interested in your music when they seem to mostly be into songs and not albums?
-I think most of our songs are available on youtube. If people get in contact with those sites its cool. But things keep on changing. In the past people downloaded music. Now Streaming-Services like Spotify are coming up. There is no use to download all the stuff illegal because everything is available there for free. I hope the album will have a renaissance due to those new services.

What lies ahead for SIX REASONS TO KILL?
-Our new album will be out in a few days. Then we’ll play some release shows in our hometowns. And in summer we are going to appear on some festivals. Some things are still in progress, so stay tuned and check our Facebook ( regularly to get the latest news.

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