SIXTY MILES AHEAD is an Italian band that I’ve only lately have come upon but every time I’ve heard them they’ve made an impression on me. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Do you feel that you are an anomaly on the Italian hardrock/metal scene or do you follow in any sort of tradition
A. Well, the Italian Hard Rock scene has been focused on 80s Hard Rock and Sleaze Metal for many years. We don’t follow any tradition or trend. We just do what we think it’s good for us as a band, both musically and artistically!

How hard is it to come up with a band name? What does SIXTY MILES AHEAD say to you?
A. It’s the hardest thing in the business! When we started this band we had lots of ideas about how the band should be named and stuff like that. For quite some time we rehearsed without having a band name, but right before we went into the studio to record BLANK SLATE, Luca came up with the name SIXTY MILES AHEAD and we immediately liked it. It’s just a joke about a musician who used to define himself “miles ahead” everyone else!

What is it like to be a struggling band on the up in Italy? How much support do you get from the native fans? Is it easier to just go for the abroad from the start?
A. It’s a pain in the ass! You know, the worst thing is that sometimes you have to deal with some of the worst “professionals” in the business, just for peanuts! I mean, I like peanuts, but when you see all your efforts, your patience, your passion and your money thrown in a trash can, just because some people don’t do what they’re supposed to do, it’s very painful. Anyway, we have a great fan base in Italy and with the new album we’re gaining fans abroad, expecially in France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Brasil and Asia. Our fans keep us alive, that’s for sure.

How do you know where to turn for the best kind of promotion? How much help are interviews with webzines?
A. Finding the best promotion around is like a gambling game. It’s like rollin’ the dice. Of course we’ve searched for the best for our music. At the moment, everything seems great. In the last couple of weeks we received the first reviews of our new album “MILLIONS OF BURNING FLAMES” and they’re all great. Of course Interviews and webzines helps, every little bit helps, but a band must be sure that everything is done 100% right!

You have a new record ready now. How does this one differ from your previous one? A. There’s only one big difference between BLANK SLATE and MILLIONS OF BURNING FLAMES. If BS was mainly my vision of how things should be done, MOBF is a common effort. Every single song was written together because we wanted and we needed to find OUR own sound and our own style.

When you started did you set up any goals that you wanted to achieve? What would be the ultimate goal to achieve?
A. Of course we did. The main goal was (and still is) to make some good rock’n’roll music. We really want to talk about our lives and speak to people’s heart. We’re very proud of how things are going and the next goal is to reach new areas with our live shows!

Would you say that your are on your way to break big now? How much more work is there before you can live off the music?
A. I’d say that, as a band, we’re still very far from music as a way of making a living. There are a lot of things involved in that and a lot of work to do for every single “side” of the band. We’re doing our best to make things happen but apart from that everything depends on how the fans will react to our music and our live shows!

What do you see in the future?
A. We see thousands of gigs, rock’n’roll lifestyle, big records sellings, women and all those things! Well, just joking, to be completely honest we see a lot of hard work and challenges, but that’s ok for us! “Millions of Burning Flames” has been just released in Germany, we’re planning the next live shows and we hope to tour outside Italy as soon as possible!

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