SKARLETT RIOT are the new breed of UK hardrock/metal acts ready to take on the World. Be awestruck or be square. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

I gotta admit that you guys are a blank slate for me. What stone have you crawled out from under?
-We come straight out of the underground scene of the UK basically working our asses off to put on an intense live show and create the best music we possibly can!

Is there any greater significance to the band name Skarlett Riot? Is a Skarlett Riot less violent than an ordinary riot?
-Haha! We wanted to portray both the female and male elements in the band as well as the music we were playing, aggressive but at the same time with catchy melody so that’s how we managed to come up with the name.

Looking at your photos you seem quite young. Do you ever feel that the fate of a whole nation’s metal scene weighs heavy on your shoulders?
-We try not to label ourselves in a particular scene or sub genre as such because that tends to limit the boundaries, we like to put bits of everything into our music. Of course we fit into certain categories as any other band does, but there’s still a little something of all our influences in there, which makes it accessible for people of all musical tastes. I suppose we’re just trying to inject our own thing into the whole rock scene and bring something fresh to the table!

What kind of undergrowth is there in the UK metal scene? Any bands that can match the European ones or are you guys looking more towards the US scene?
-There are a lot of great bands in the UK metal/rock scene but to be honest we look more towards the US scene rather than the UK and European scene a lot of the time. US bands tend to have that right balance between the melodies and the aggression which is more our thing.

Do you have any sort of game plan in order to bring the name of the band to everybody’s attention? Do you intend to start slowly by winning over the British Isles first and then head elsewhere?
-Throughout 2012 we will be hitting the UK with a full tour in the summer along with shows all over the place. Really for us this year is just one massive tour of the UK! We have just been confirmed for a festival in Belgium in 2013 which we’re majorly looking forward to and another couple of other shows are in the works for hitting Europe as well for 2013.

When you formed did you have an already stated sound planned out or has it grown with time?
-I think like all bands we had an idea of the sound we wanted to create, but I think our sound has grown with us as we’ve developed as a band and as we’ve gone through more and more together.

Something I’ve always wondered about is how you know what sound is the right sound for you? How do you know when you’ve hit it right?
-In my opinion you have you own influences, and with 4 of us having all totally different thoughts on a song it creates something unique. If it feels right when you get up on the stage and the crowd are shouting the words back at you then you’ve got some idea of if you’ve hit it right. Music is all about emotion and if it moves the person listening then I think that’s when you know you’re doing something right.

Are lyrics important to you? What kind of topics do you write about?
-Lyrics for our songs tend to come from past experiences we’ve been through on a personal level/as a band, and from events happening around the world. A lot of the lyrics for our songs are written so that people can relate to them with their own experiences, but there are also some of the songs that are just written to get the adrenalin pumping. Again as I mentioned above music is all about emotion and to different people it will connect with them in different ways.

How much time do you spend on coming up with song titles? Are they important to you?
-We tend to write the songs first and the title tends to be taken from a memorable part in the song.

What future plans do you have for the band now that there’s a record coming out?
-As we said above this year is basically one giant tour of the UK. We’re constantly out playing shows all over and have a full length tour in August promoting the release of the new EP ‘Villain’ which is now available to buy directly through us and through Itunes.

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