I don’t know if it is a sign of old age or just the fact that there are too many Swedish basnds to keep track of but I didn’t recognize the name SKINEATER when I saw their name. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Did it play any part in you signing with Pulverised that they seem to have an awful lot of Swedish bands?
-We had offers from a few other labels as well, but Pulverised seemed to have the best distribution and gave us a good deal. We like what they´ve done before with other bands, and many of them are Swedish. I guess it´s Pulverised who have a special nerve for Swedish bands.

What part does geography play today when you can sit anywhere in the world and listen to the same bands as everybody else? Is being Swedish, German or American anything special in today?s metal world?
-It´s great for bands in general. You can reach so much more people with your music now days that way. I´m not shure if being a Swedish, American or German band means that much today as it has. There are many new really good bands coming from all corners of the world today. But I think Swe, Am and Ger bands have done much for the metal industry in terms of inspiration for the bands of today.

How new does SKINEATER feel this far into your career? What have you been up to lately?
-We are still waiting for the release and we are very excited about what reactions to come. We´ll be making a video for the song “Dismantling” this upcoming weekend. And we are working on managements and booking agents at the time. So hopefully we will be able to announce some gig dates soon as well.

With a new record to promote what are you looking forward to? What kind of expectations do you have this time round?
-Just that people will get the album, love it and get us to the shows! Thats all we want.

When you are an extreme metal band what is realistic to hope for when you release an album? Is a tour reachable? What would be a decent sales figure?
-Hard to say. A tour is absolutely reachable I´d say. The question is how long we can be on the road today with families and other bands. A decent sales figure is not the easiest thing to say today with digital distribution, downloads and stuff.

What is it that makes you want to do this year in and year out? What is it that this gives you that makes you continue?
-Because music is a never ending road to walk along. You constantly get better and new inspiration finds you every day. Of course you get sick of it from time to time. But it´s impossible, at least for us, to just stop doing it. It´s a basic need. We need air, food, sleep and music. And if the response is good from the fans you get even more inspired to make the next album.

When you look for cover art work what is that you look for? What works and what does not work?
-The cover art has to give you a hint of whats to come. We wanted it to reflect the band name and the albums content. And Backa did an awsome job there we think.

How important are the lyrics to making it a full on experience? What kind of topics fits the concept of SKINEATER best?
-When I write I start with the rhythm and flow of the song. Then I start to write a story. and then I put it all together. For Skineater subjects like mayhem, murder and slaughter fits really well. So thats what I´m going for.

When you are in the studio do you know exactly what sound you are looking for? How does it differ with different producers in how to achieve that exact sound?
-Yea we have a pretty clear picture of what we want. But of course it can evolve with the producer. And the producer defenatly puts a mark on the product.

What kind of future do you see for SKINEATER?
-We see a future of many cool gigs around the world, clubs and festivals. And there will be a second album, songs are already being made for that! Thats why we hope the album will sell plenty, and people will ask for us to come and play in their towns!

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