I found SKURL one day when I was surfing through Reverbnation. A French goth metal band is all the info I need to get going. So in order to find out more I just had to interview them. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

When you do things on your own how do you know what to start with?
-The first step is the composition of the main guitar parts and the way they work together. When the main ideas are fixed, I start programming the drums to get the basic structure of the song and put on the guitar riffs. Then I record properly all drums and guitars, adding fills, breaks, leads … and finally bass guitar. When the instrumental parts are completed, and hopefully the lyrics ready, then I record the voices.

There are so many sub-genres within metal that it is hard to keep track of them all. Why have you chosen a gothic metal approach?
-It’s not really a deliberate choice, let’s say it’s the crossroads of my music influences. It suited rather well to the style when I started the project. Since then, I joined C. in a darkwave project called Our Scars, that is clearly goth branded, while Skurl new demo combines various elements of dark, gothic, doom and even black metal.

In spreading your music digitally does that open up doors that ordinary promotion wouldn’t bother knocking on?
-Making music is for me an individual pleasure that I enjoy the way I actually do it: when I want, as I want. I’m not into being in a band and playing concerts, what I like is the creative process. Internet and the social networks are a good way to get in touch with other musicians, to share your tracks with anyone that might like them, and of course to discover tons of bands from everywhere in any genre you like. It’s clearly a way for amateur musicians to reach people and to share their music, especially when you’re not performing on stage…

What is it that brings the greatest inspiration to SKurL? Anything that means more than the rest?
-What I am the most receptive in music is the general atmosphere that a record or even a song sets in. I also appreciate the balance of raw and aggressive sounding brightened with some melodic guitar riffs. Lyrics also take part in the process to support the ambiance coming out of the music.

What kind of environment does Lyon bring to a metal artist’s creativity?
-Lyon is a great town, and very dynamic regarding arts and cultural exhibitions. Really nice, with a rich past, an architecture and atmosphere that ought to inspire especially romantics and goths… Lots of cool places to party all night, some good records shops left too. The metal scene is rather active, with many local bands. Lyon has several halls of average capacity that enable to welcome lots of the bands touring across Europe, and you can generally expect a few hundreds of metal freaks in a cool ambiance. Italy, Switzerland and of course Paris are not so far and offer other opportunities…

How important is the French culture history in the creative process of SKurL’s music?
-There is no need to expand about the validity of anybody to have detailed notions of his own country’s culture and history, and its legacy will inevitably influence a creative process. By the way, national culture, history and traditions clearly do not enter in Skurl’s scope of thematics and concerns…

-Has modern technology enabled the process of recording alone? What kind of advantages do you have in doing it on your own?
Technology has changed everything as far as you can both create and record your own music on your computer with a minimum of device and music knowledge. Obviously your lap top will never replace the talent of a skilled musician and the sound control of a professional, but it tended to generalize the access to decent recording for music amateurs. And when your band used to have to record his live tape in his garage, you can now record it track by track, still in your comfortable home studio, built specific files for each musician, correct mistakes, include samples and electronic effects… This particularly fits with composition, as you can built a song instrument by instrument, therefore play different instruments, and use of a lot of artificial tricks to enhance the result. Virtual instruments offer almost unlimited possibilities for that.

What is it you want to achieve with SKurL?
-Skurl is a personal outlet and a way to satiate my music addiction, there is no other ambition… In 2009, I searched for someone to join the project, and the result gave Our Scars, which was an unexpected but very good surprise! Digital exposure enables to meet and to exchange with other music freaks. The future should bring new opportunities of collaboration, with musicians possibly, and an art worker hopefully, because it’s clearly not my chosen field.

How will 2012 help you bring forth the project even more?
-The priority for 2012 will be for me and my mate C. to achieve Our Scars’ first release. Most of the tracks are completed and we should spread the disease within the forthcoming year. I should have some time left to record some new Skurl tracks, and also we’ll see how it goes…


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