SLEEPING ROMANCE is another Italian metal band, of which there seem to be an endless stream of. But since most of them are so bloody great I see no reason not to get into them. So read this interview and then go and check them out. Anders Ekdahl ©2013

Just so we know what we are dealing with could you please give us a short introduction to the band?
Lorenzo: Hi, we are Sleeping Romance, an Italian female fronted metal band: Federico is the mastermind and first guitarplayer, Federica is the singer, Nicholas is the second guitarplayer, Lorenzo is the bassplayer and Francesco is the drummer.

What was it that made you want to play the style of metal that you play?
Was there a specific moment/artist/album that spoke to you?
Federica: well of course this style of metal gives you (singer or musician) a lot satisfactions when you play it; it ‘s powerful and articulate, so you always feel the need to improve your self. And as listener symphonic metal is so involving, it leads me in magic lands.

How do you find your sound? Do you take a whole bunch of influences and mix them together to make it your brew?
Lorenzo: Our sound is born by musical ideas of Federico who has a lot of experience, then everyone writes his parts and finally we play in the rehearsal room until every song sounds good. We propose symphonic metal but our songs have very various parts, we try to do something different from the stereotypes of the genre: of course we have a lot of influences, not only from the biggest metal bands but also from classical music, but our goal is to write very personal and recognizable music.

I guess that most bands go through one or two lineup changes. How do you as a band contain your sound when one member leaves and a new one arrive?
Federica: we use to say that everyone of us gave his personal contibution in order to create Sleeping Romance sound so, of course, it changed during the lineup changing; Federico composed the music for our album during the last years so his sign still remains; but for example, when I came into the band they knew that i was completely different from the other singer. They made a sound/style choice. Now we are really solid so this is OUR Sleeping Romance sound.

What are your feelings on this development of digital replacing physical?
Federico: I think the digital is not a bad way to promote music, this is the way of future and we have to follow it: your music in this way can reach every single part of the world. But, I really like the physical copy of cds (or vinyls) because it give you a sense of real and something that is not only music but is a complete product (from the booklet to cds). I’m not a cds collector but I really enjoy he physical cds 🙂

Are there any limitations to digital? What are the benefits of a physical product? I’m not too hot on digital. I want to be able to hold and feel my record, turn it around and touch it.
Federico: There are few limitations to digitals. First, and the most important one, the quality of music: the most mp3 format that you can find on the web are not as the format of cds music and they lost few important informations (I talk as a sound engineer 🙂 ). Second, as you told, I think it is really important to hold and feel the record, because it brings you closer to the musicians and to what they want to tell you.

Now that almost everybody has access to the internet and can reach out to the whole World how important is the community feel of a strong local scene?
Federico: Many years ago the local scenes were really important for the music and to spread the different styles.. today everything is changed.. but not so much 🙂 I think that the local scene and their feel is really important to bring your name and your music up and to spread it to other cities or countries.. Every country has a special style of music and every band is a little bit influenced by what are their roots. I think if you use internet in a smart way, it can really help you and you can reach people from over the world, but you have to be smart and you have to know how to use it in the right way.

I remember in the 80s how hard it was for smaller bands to get a decent sound? How easy is it today to find a producer/studio that understands your needs?
Nicholas: Nice question! Today is really easier to find a good sound, because the digital Amps and other digital stuff helps you a lot! I think the real mission is to find a producer that finds a PERSONAL sound, that fit the album, and this is hard…Different ages, different problems 🙂
Federico: In the past going in studio recording was really expansive and not everyone had the possibility to record a good quality album. The producer was a person that tried to understand your needs and he created the sound with band. It was a really long work and to make an album demanded so much time. Today with digital way we have many studios and everyone can record something in his home in few days (or weeks) and the figure of the producer is lost. This is my personal opinion, but this is why today all albums of the same genre have the same sound..

How pleased are you with your latest album? What kind of reaction do you expect to get from it?
Francesco: We are really proud of the audience’ s reaction for our album…and the good thing is that a lot of different people appreciate it!

What do you see in the future?
Nicholas: A lot of work! hahaha And a lot of concerts, too! We’re also working hard for the video and the promotion of the album, in order to make the best 🙂

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