sleepy hollowBeside being a cool movie with Johnny Deep and a TV series SLEEPY HOLLOW is also a band in case you’ve missed it. ©2016 Anders Ekdahl

Could you please introduce us to the band?
Steve Stegg : Hello Anders Thank You for helping us promote the new record.
Sleepy Hollow has been together since 1986 and is celebrating our 30th year this year. The members of the band are Steve Stegg Guitars, Chapel Stormcrow Vocals, Rich Fuester Bass and Allan Smith Drums.

What has been the greatest catalyst in forming your sound?
-We are all fans of traditional Heavy Metal. Our sound has always been directed towards a darker melodic direction. We are all fans of horror movies and stories which help create a visual for our music.

How hard is it to record and release new songs?
-Technology has made it very easy to record and release songs. We have recording software with unlimited tracks which We can use to record any time of the day. What used to take months can now be accomplished in a very short amount of time. We were able to do a lot more production using sound effects and string sections for example on the new record which we would have never had the budget to do. When we are ready to release a single it is as simple as posting it online. It is a great advantage we have available to us.

Has digital made it easier to get your music released?
-Digital has made it easier to release music. We release everything through Pure Steel records but we are able to preview new songs to our fans through our website before the record is released.

If you release your music digitally is there a risk that you release songs too soon, before you are ready compared to releasing them on cd?
-When we release a new single or video we hope to create an interactive experience for the fans so they can experience our new music and let us know if they like it. We released Bound By Blood a single from Tales Of Gods and Monsters well over a year ago and the excitement and enthusiasm about the new record has been growing. Some artists have gone as far as to make their recording process an interactive experience for the fans letting them hear early stages of the recordings. I really think that is a great idea.

What kind of responses have you had to your recorded music?
-Great! We have a new singer which sometimes can be a very tough challenge to try and get the fans to accept the new aspect to the band. Chapel has done a great job and the fans are loving him.

We live in a world were there are no real distances between people communicating anymore.
-What has been the most surprising contact so far?
We have been communicating with fans all over the world since our return in 2012. Some of our idols from when we were young have even contacted us and told us they enjoy what we are doing.

Do you feel like you are a part of a greater conmunity playing in a metal band?
-The Pure Steel Brotherhood was created by the bands on Pure Steel Records as a way to support each other and help each other. Heavy Metal fans and artists have always been a great community. I always feel at home and welcome when I am at a Metal show.

What is the live scene like for you? Do you feel that playing live helps building a bigger following?
-The Live scene here in the States has been improving. There have been a lot of Old and New fans coming to the shows. We have created Hollowfest an annual 2 day Heavy Metal Festival held in October. Last year was a tremendous success featuring Pure Steel Bands as well as Classic Heavy Metal Bands. Every year it will get bigger and better. I love playing live. It gives you a great connection with your fans.

What plans do you have for the future?
-Tales Of Gods and Monsters comes out on February 19.2016! We will be promoting the new record with a tour, videos and Hollowfest 2016. We will be releasing details soon and will be seeing a lot of our fans this year.

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