SOLACE & STABLE might not be the most well known band on the American metal scene but they sure seem intent on changing that. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

It’s no secret now that I am a word buff. I’ve tried to figure out what your band name means but I’ve had no luck deciphering it. What can you tell us about the meaning of it?
-The word solace, meaning a feeling of comfort, joined by the word stable, meaning consistent and grounded firmly, means to be well established and content. To us, this means to remain persistent and focused in our goals as a band, and also as individuals. Often times, persistence and focus are highlighted by times of distress, and so this is also a collective aspiration we have towards perseverance through hard times. I hope that helps illuminate Solace and Stable’s meaning a bit!

I’ve never been in a band so I have no idea what it is like. When do you know that you are a part of scene? Is there some sort of inaugural?
-Being in a band is kind of like starting a business. You have to invest time, money, and passion into it so that it can properly develop. We’ve definitely paid our dues as far as effort goes, and we plan to continue to put our hard work into the music so that our musical vision can be fully realized by the listener. Knowing that you are part of a scene isn’t so black-and-white, though. We know what our influences are and what our goals are, but the general music scene’s perception of us is what really defines what scene we are a part of. Our job is to mold our image in a way that gives people the perception we had in mind.

Heavy metal is and have never been a bout just one thing. How do you find you sound in such a vast array of sounds?
-Like you said, a plethora of styles and sounds make up the metal scene. Some have compared us to bands like Between the Buried and Me, Miss May I, etc., and I think this is because of our tendency to implement breakdowns as relief within our song structures. Our guitarist/producer, Gabe Fry, has formed our sound as we know it thus far. His influences include death metal, melodic metal/hardcore, and jazz. I guess you can say we have kind of taken what we feel are the best elements from all of the diversity that is the metal scene, and molded it in a way that we hope is unique and has its own identity as well. We plan to continue to brainstorm and evolve our sound so that we continue to write interesting and fresh music

How much experience of the American metal scene have you had so far? Any part that is particular open to your style of metal?
-As far as touring goes, Solace and Stable plans to self fund some touring in the near future. Thus far, our activity within the American metal scene has been limited to playing locally with bands that come through town. We’ve played with Shai Hulud, Stick to Your Guns, and War of ages to name a few. We hope to know the answer to the last part of your question here soon!

I remember that there used to be a strong college radio scene back in the days. How strong is that one today? How much has cooperate business destroyed the independence?
-Our experience with local radio has been pretty limited, and we don’t foresee it picking up anytime soon. Our attempts to distribute our music commercially have mainly been digital (i.e. Amazon, Itunes, Youtube, etc.)

Being someone standing on the outside looking in I can’t help thinking that everything about American media is cooperate controlled and true independence is dead. What is it like to try and get your metal out to people and only have to rely on minor, more underground ways to spread it?
-The music scene has been really rough these past few years. Even when sites like Myspace were more relevant, we were more proficiently able to gain an audience and hold their attention. Given that our music is very technical, aggressive, and progressive, we are already limited in what audience our music appeals to, and you are right in saying that we rely mostly on underground methods of spreading our music. While it is a struggle to grab the attention of the metal community, we definitely try to capitalize on whatever resources we do have, whether it be metal blogs, sending our album out to contacts, or just playing shows

How do you beside the internet get your music spread to people outside of the US? How do you build a following abroad?
-Honestly, in this digital age, the internet is one of our central forms of distributing our name and music. Right now we are working with Clawhammer for PR, and they are doing a great job of getting us some contacts that will potentially have us in European magazines, etc. But as far as gaining recognition abroad, Facebook and other forms of social/internet media have gained us some fans from overseas, but in very limited numbers. I think that once we continue to gain exposure in the American metal community, we will start to expand our contacts abroad correspondingly.

What does it mean to have an album out? What does it change for you as a band?
-Recording, producing, and releasing this album was a huge process for the band, and while all of that was still underway, things like touring, playing locally, and writing were stunted for about 3 years. So, in other words, releasing this album changes EVERYTHING for Solace and Stable. We hope our hard work will finally pay off, as now our focus is playing (locally and nationally) and building a fan base. With this release behind us, our mind is now set on tightening our live performance as a band and preparing for the road, which is something that was irrelevant during the process of preparing the album. We were so honed in on our goal of getting this thing out that we could hardly consider the relief of performing.

How much of a touring band is Solace & Stable? What kind of sacrifices are you willing to do to go on tour/play gigs?
-Solace and Stable, while having no history of extensive touring, is completely set on being a touring band. Being a touring band has previously been impossible, as this album’s release has been the primary focus for the band for 3 years now. Now that the album is out, our goal is to create the possibility of touring as soon as possible, whether it be self funded entirely or assisted by a supportive entity in the future. Our current primary focus is doing some weekend tours, playing locally, and celebrating this release. As far as what sacrifices we are willing to make, the answer is close to “any.” Financial planning, practicing, gaining contacts, and several other things are already in the works so that we can make touring possible.

What plans for the future do you have?
-Our plans for the future are touring, finding a management contact, and continuing to further our efforts in song writing, performing, and building a fan base. We have done all that is in our power so far to make this thing happen, and we plan to continue to pursue our goals of touring at whatever necessary cost.

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