Band names in their native tongue is quite common in black metal so Danish SOLBRUD (Sun Bride) come as no surprise. ©2015 Anders Ekdahl

How important is the band’s name in giving out the right kind of vibe?
-We recall already having sort of the right vibe going back when we hadn’t come up with ‘Solbrud’ yet, and were using a different name at first. But with time it has really sticked to us, also as we’ve gradually realised several different meanings and connotations to the name with the years. It just fits all around for us now.

What was it that made you want to do SOLBRUD?
-Our drummer had wanted to play black metal back from his teenage years and starting out as a drummer. He asked his brother and friend about starting up with some black metal when a shortlived copenhagen thrash-punk band they all played in folded, and that way we started out working on our thing as a trio.

What is Solbrud’s definition of black metal? What is black metal to Solbrud?
-It’s really many things now a days, seeing as new bands push the boundaries and merge soundscapes in the new millenia. We try not to think too much about what may be labeled as black metal and what may not. To us black metal is an essence and direction in music, whose core is relentless blastbeats, sinister tremolo guitars and of course the high pitch shrieks. We call it evil but its good to us.

When you work more with soundscapes in your songs how do you arrange the tracks?
-For the couple of more ambient passages on our two records, it has usually just been ideas that we had in mind as we were playing the songs, and then we worked around with our samples and stuff studio wise in the production. For our second record, ‘Jærtegn’ we got a bit more ambitious and we spent a weekend at the brothers parents’ farm where we recorded sounds of stones, fire, metal and the like, which resulted in the ending on ‘Klippemennesket’

Where do you find your inspiration to create?
-That’s really different for each of us. Could be from just playing piano in your room, guitar in the rehearsal or unplugged in the woods, or could be from listening to some specific musical movement that doesn’t even have to be metal at all. Usually each of our inspirations flows in periods, and for the time being we have a lot of unfinished material laying around, because we take a lot of time to really finish a song together.

How important is the graphic side of SOLBRUD? How much thought goes into art work etc.?
-It has become very important now. Starting out we didn’t think very much about it, and were kind of surprised and stressed out about having to make an album cover for our first record. By now with ‘Jærtegn’ the bar and ambition has been set quite high, and we like to be satisfied with the end product and our guitarist who does most of the graphic stuff likes to take his time with things.

Do you find that there is a greater freedom in working with digital than working with physical?
-It’s a great way to get out there and across the globe with our bandcamp site, but a physical record will always have more impact on the listener.

Are there any limitations to digital? Can you do everything you like?
-With regards to recording some things are certainly easier to do with setups now a days, and also means that it might be more accessible to more people. Analog is to some extent a luxury now, which may in some cases yield more unique and soulful results.

Is there a scene to speak of for a band like SOLBRUD? Where do you fit in?
-There are quite a few new bands rising in Denmark which could be named in the same breath as us. Wouldn’t exactly go as far as to call it a new wave of danish black metal, but cool things are happening here and there with black and doomy acts spewing forth quality stuff and taking themselves and their stuff seriously.

What does the future hold?
-We’ve been quite active this first half of 2015, so we’re thinking about take it a little easy live-wise for the second half and maybe get some time to work on more new material. We’d like to get out of Denmark and play some more and are taking measures to get stuff arranged for the future.

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