Check out this interview I did with SOUL OF STEEL. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

You have one of these names that do not really tell what kind of metal you play. How hard was it to come up with the name?
– “Hi! Our name was born because we have always feel metal inside our soul… And because we conceived that after so many struggles made our way in the difficult Italian metal scene …so we can affirm and confirm that we literally own a soul of steel to strive this journey from the beginning!!!”

How do you introduce the band to people that are new to your music?
–“We are a prog-power metal band, but influences are various.. If you like melodic metal you sure have to listen to us!”

We all carry baggage with us that affects us in one way or another but what would you say have been the single greatest influence on your sound?
–“yeah, you’re right.. it’s quite difficult to focus one and only single influence..but, trying to minimize big bands in our influences, surely Dream Theater, Helloween and Iron Maiden, but also Italian bands like DGM and Labyrinth!”

What is the scene like in your area? Is it important that there is some sort of local scene for a band to develop or can a band still exist in a vacuum of no scene/no bands?
–“Here in south Italy it’s quite the same than in north.. so the same difficult situation for music business, especially for metal and similar genre.. We grew up in this conditions, so it’s a natural state of mind for us interfacing with all these problems.. this is why we call ourselves Soul Of Steel.. In the past we noticed much more interest for music in public, and there was more bands.. Today is difficult the same but for other issues…because internet and social networks had change the entire world and also musical business.. so, it always has two sides for the same story..”

Something I have often wondered about is if you feel that you are part of something bigger and greater when you play in a band, that you are part of a movement sort of?
–“we like to thinking we are part of music itself, one and only big world that unites all of us.. it doesn’t matter if musicians or listeners, we share the same essence, the same matter.. and it’s always amazing to feel that unique emotion when we play in front of our crowd. That’s the magic of music!”

When you play the sort of music you play I guess you cannot have birds and bees on the cover of your album? What is a great album cover to you?
–“eheh.. birds and bees probably are interesting matter for pure power/celtic music.. we appreciate that.. but for us, an interesting album cover it will sure show something unseen yet, or some unusual pairing.. but, you will see something on our next album cover, so stay tuned also for this!”

What is your opinion on digital verses physical? Is digital killing music?
–“As mentioned before, digital is the future indeed.. it’s not a matter of what kind of musical support you will purchase, it’s only important to purchase that, because musicians are too often exploited and it’s a big injustice for this world.”

What kind live scene is there for bands like yours?
–“our dream is probably to play in a scene full of light paintings and half light, something very suggestive and evocative for the crowd, something very inspirational for us! You remember the 80’s Iron Maiden’s tour live scenes? Something like that…eheh!!!”

When you play live is it a happening or do you see it more as a party?
–“oh yeah… for us is our big moment.. is so natural to play and it’s surely a party than a ceremony…”

What would you like to see the future bring?
–“our wish is to reach more fans in the world and be in some big important metal festival…we can’t say anything.. but we will sure work hard to do our best in this way, but we all need your support guys, and we firstly thanks you at BattleHelm Sweden for this space, so visit us on our official website and social networks pages and stay tuned!!!”

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