Just because you don’t hear about doen’t mean that it don’t exist. For me Turkish metal is a new entity but as we’ll see it has been around a long time, as have SOUL SACRIFICE. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Turkey isn’t the most common country in my record collection. How much does it play a part that Turkey is on the verge of Europe and Middle East in that so few bands come from there? What other cultural differences play a part in us not hearing to much Turkish metal?
Maksim Kirikoglu-Thats true ,cultural differences are a lot tough..For example a few days back we had the same conversation in between with the close friends..I can easly say something at first shot.For Example.

When you come from Turkey is it thought of that you should incorporate Middle Eastern influences in your death metal? Do people become disappointed when they don?t hear it in your music?
Maksim Kirikoglu-Hah thats what makes my mind think on it on detail.Yes thats totally true people are expecting to se see at least some influences in our metal music,for example 1 magazine from Greece ,I must say they had very mich question marks in their minds as because of using less eastern melodies..Actually this is what differs a band and just points out their roots too,but I am thinking on it for sometime and I have come to a point that this does not need to be like that tough..Good music is good music, I think we should be doing what we feel and should not push ourselves to use more eastern type..Sometimes we do but when it is needed..It should not be a must I guess…

When the band formed in 1997 what was it that influenced you back then? How much of that influence can be found today and what new influences has been added?
Maksim Kirikoglu-Hah at that time school trash and Death Metal bands were the influences I guess-Paradise lost,Death,Testament,Opeth,Katatonia were the ones..Right now I dont think that we are still influenced by those guys..For Example when I start to write something I dont listen to those guys right now..I try to listen “Good Music”..You know once upon a time a journalist asked a question to Armstrong and he replied saying “ there is Good Music and Bad Music and I prefer good music he says.So right now I listed all the good music as much as possible.

You released an album ?Stranded Hate? in 2005. What reaction did you get from that album?
Maksim Kirikoglu-“Stranded Hate” was popular in Turkey but a few months later; the Record Company which released the record closed their doors,so “Stranded Hate” could not achieve what it deserved tough..We shared gigs on many festivals in Turkey and that was all and at that time I was not so much involved for pushing the band more forward.Now the Band has lots of opportunities to play outside of Turkey in many Countries and we will Show how much satisfactory band we are on the stage and musicalvise.

7 years on you release a new album. Will people who bought that album recognize Soul Sacrifice in 2012?
Maksim Kirikoglu-Yes I am pretty much sure that they will recognize..We have certain type of taste I guess and they will.Turkey has lots of disadvantages in terms of life,first of all we need complete our military obligation.Then we need to gather money to record the album and lastly we need to find a proper mixing and mastering point to finish it.Altough recording stuff was completed 2 years back it took sometime for me to find a decent engineer to mix and master it.Later on that it took some time to find a label too.Then our Art Guy spend lots of time to finish the Cover art and so on.I can tell you that we had lots of troubles while working on this record altough it took so long time to execute the album I can easly say that we are very much satisfied with the outcome

When you take that long between albums how do you keep the band?s name alive? Only by playing live or also by utilizing the social media?
Maksim Kirikoglu-First of all 4 us are very good friends for years so thats what keept everything alive tough..And besides we tried to do some gigs yearly also.But I think this will change from nowon as because we agreed to do a record in latest 2 or 3 years at most.For Example right now I have several songs already and we will evaluate them in total next month .Lets see how will it go.

What is it with working with Swedes that you get that you would not get working with Turkish producers?
Maksim Kirikoglu-There is nobody who knows this type of Music in Turkey and other than any Turkish producer it could be anybody like a German or a Danish maybe..But I am very much happy to have worked with Mr Dan.

How much of a touring band is Soul Sacrifice? What do you get out of touring? How much an of a break is it from everyday life?
Maksim Kirikoglu-Soul sacrifice does not play a lot in a year upto now..In average of 12-14 gigs per year we have done in last 15 years time..But after “Carpe Mortem” I think this will change we will find a chance to play more abroad so including the local shows I guess we will have more opportunity.

When you come from a country with no greater metal tradition are you looked upon as an anomaly for wanting to play this extreme music?
Maksim Kirikoglu-A yes that was like that but we like the sound of Electric guitar and drums,what to say more. .We love to do this music.

What future is there for Soul Sacrifice?
Maksim Kirikoglu- Heavy as much as possible and try to follow up our band and upcoming Euro tour hopefully by the Autumn 2012.You can find information from the Massacre Records website and also from Bands following sites.

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