In a world were there are so many bands to keep track of I want to bring my two cents in presenting you to this interview with SOULBURNER. Anders Ekdahl ©2019

What kind of vision did you have when you started and how has it changed over the years?
-Our vision always was about playing the music we like and give a hard and crude message to the bangers with our lyrics and music. What has change?, we sound a lot better, we create a lot better, and our shows are much better now. A very mature band in all ways.

Does location mean anything today? We used to hear about how it was all location, location, location back in the days if you wanted to make it big? That you had to come from a certain place to be sure to make it.
-We think it helps, but to make a career of this, you have to play, and play, and play in gigs, also play in gigs haha. The social media and globalization just make it easy to connect with other people. The location or certain place to make it big… mmmhh we don´t think so, maybe, just maybe playing in a big show like Wacken, Rock in Rio, hellfest, it would open some doors for Underground bands.

What kind of feedback have you had on your music, your latest album and in general? How important is feedback?
-The good kind of Feedback in general, also support and selfless help, that always surprise to all of us. Or some instances no linked with metal music like the prize of the city for our album “Self Deceiver” (Ceres Prize 2018). The importance of feedback lies in realizing of our strengths to increase them and in our mistakes to reduce them in the future.

How do you know that you have written a “hit” song? Is there a particular feeling you get when you know that this is the one, this is the big “make it song”?
-We create all songs as a “hit song” and in our heads all are, but only playing live we can realize in a better and objective way what song is really a Hit. So the bangers are who decide at the end.

As I am no musician I will never got to know the difference of analogue and digital. Can you explain the difference to me? what are the pros and cons of analogue V/S digital?
-Music and all the arts exist to create feelings, in Rock and Metal, if you see a very technical band on stage, but there is no movement, emotion or collaboration with the fans, then that show lacks the main purpose, to make people remember you forever. The sound of the analog world provides a unique psychoacoustic perception in the brain that makes the sound emitted warmer and closer to the listener, which has not been able to be emulated by any digital effect until now. What adds a lot to a show. The Cons of the analog is its price and its technical difficulties, like the weight, the wiring and those things. (On a tour, thats a Lot of work)
The great pro of the digital world is that you can have thousands of effects in your hand almost instantaneously, and with a minimum of cables achieve a decent sound anywhere anytime.

What is it like to have people you never met liking your music and singing along to it at gigs?
-That´s like a fuel for our souls, the fuel that make us start over and over again, creating and playing live delivering everything on stage.

How important are lyrics to you guys? Do you have any messages that you want to get forward?
-It is very important for us, growls make the message harder to understand for untrained ears, but lyrics are essential communication with our fans, so if you like our music and you dont put so much attention to the lyrics, stop and do it, you will not regret it.

I love a really cool cover but I get the feeling that today with all this digital uploading/downloading people aren’t that concerned about artwork. How do you feel?
-Totally true, and the artwork is the visual presentation of the message you will receive with the music, so if you download it in less quality you are losing part of the message, like an bad quality mp3. We always try to do our best with the creation of the artwork for a coherent albums visually and sonically way.

What does the future hold?
-We are working in the next album, we have 5 new songs for this work at the time, maybe we record an EP first this year or a single with videoclip, and a few gigs in our country, photo session and a lot of rehearsal for this new album. \m/

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