With so many different metal projects popping up all over the place it is hard to keep track- This Brazilian metal opera project are on its third album. I spoke to main man Heleno Vale about SOULSPELL. Anders Ekdahl ©2012

Where did the idea to do a metal opera?
Heleno – The idea came from the big amount of well talented singers we have here in Brazil. Someone had to show them to the world. I’m proud I had this opportunity and I hope some of them can use Soulspell to make progress to their own bands.

How does this project stand apart from all other supergroup projects we’ve seen over the years?
Heleno – Soulspell is more like a TV series based on a single story that will become a book soon. This story is not just a fairytale; it has a great content for all of us especially the younger. It will not have a limited number of albums like a trilogy. Also, Soulspell is not just a studio project, we are a band! We have already played in almost every region of Brazil. Moreover, we “find” new talents to Brazil every album and have a solid and healthy structure to keep going, learning and improving our work for the next 50 years.

What is the hardest part with a project like this? The song writing or getting all involved to do their bits?
Heleno – Certainly to compose the songs or to write the lyrics and story are not the hard part. They are the pleasant part. All the other subjects involved in creating a great album with great participations are difficult to foresee and require hardworking and patience.

How do you finds people that you want to work with? Is it hard to get to people to contribute?
Heleno – It is almost impossible to find people to contribute (lol). Regarding the artists which I work with, first I select those I consider indispensable for certain character specially the main characters and the more unusual characters. Then, we have here in Brazil a singer’s contest to select the best young talented singers we have. Also, we talk a lot to all the Soulspell fans and try to satisfy their requirements.

You’ve done two albums already. What was the biggest challenge with this the third one?
Heleno – This third one had more international participations, so we had to deal with people we didn’t know at all. But it was not just a “challenge” I prefer to think it as a great opportunity to spread our project. Besides that we had the big list of Brazilian artists too and the big number of younger talent selected to sing. So, we had a lot of work! Also, we tried to improve the achieved results from A Legacy of Honor and The Labyrinth of Truths. It took much time to prepare Hollow’s Gathering to be a more complete album than the last two albums.

How well did the previous two do? Have you notice them doing better in certain territories?
Heleno – They did really well till now. We will focus on getting Soulspell bigger out of Brazil now with Hollow’s Gathering.

Do you have a concept lyrically that you work from? How do you go about writing an album?
Heleno – Yes I have the story of Soulspell from where I took most of my ideas to the lyrics. I wrote this story together with some friends and I can guarantee it is a very detailed and thrilling story. Besides that I add some knowledge I acquired from my personal life experiences and my best friend’s life experiences. I want to share these thoughts with people who can learn from them. I thank all the Soulspell fans for reading this.

When you do this do you ever miss being a part of a band? What are the pros and cons of doing a metal opera?
Heleno – Pros = I triplicate my number of friends (and enemies….lol). Cons = I did some jobs with normal bands and doing a metal opera requires ten times more work!

Is there ever a chance of doing this live on stage? What would it require to take it to a stage?
Heleno – We already perform it! We are trying to schedule some concerts worldwide with our great participations so we can please our best fans from every country.

Will there be a fourth installment?
Heleno – Of course! We can’t complete the story before 10 albums more. Hope you like them and can watch some Soulspell concert soon! Thanks!

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