I love black metal the way Marduk and Dark Funeral play it. With full force and no pardon. That is why I like Spanish Spellcraft. Interview with singer Midgard.

I often wonder why people feel a need to play in other bands. What is it that makes you want to play in more than one band?
-Initially, I was only playing in OUIJA, but this band disappeared and then I became part of the line-up of SPELLCRAFT, because they didn’t have a singer in that period. Being together again, Map (guitar founder of OUIJA) and me decided to return with OUIJA. For this reason, I play in the two groups and there isn’t problem in it, we can divide and continue with both, OUIJA and SPELLCRAFT are different bands with different history too, each one follows its own way; but they are close bands at the same time, all of us are friends since our childhood…remaining united; it is the most important.

What is it that you want to create with Spellcraft that you can’t do with your other band(s)?
-As I said before each band gives me a different form of express my emotions, maybe in my opinion, the sound of OUIJA is more enveloping and twisted than SPELLCRAFT one but I would define its sound as more killer and aggressive…but I’d rather people drew their own conclusions about that.

How hard is it to choose a title for an album? What does the title mean to you?
-More than hard, I would say it is complex, because nowadays there are a lot of bands in the underground scene searching the most attractive titles, really full of evilness for their albums, in these days everything is invented, you have to think, read, search and get informed about a suitable title for the album, in our case we have chosen this name because it is also the title of a song of this work. Yersinia Pestis is the name of the bacterium that bred the Black Death, it evokes panic and terror; it’s a cursed name in the history of the mankind. We arrived to the conclusion that this name was perfect for our blasphemous creation, because it is enigmatic and at the same time killer…nothing more suitable, its name still keeps stench to death.

When you write lyrics in a language that isn’t your native how hard is it to get through what it is you want to say?
-Yes that’s true, it is always difficult to explain your thoughts and emotions in another language that is not your mother tongue, for example, Spanish language is richer in vocabulary than English, this why so many times, I must look for the suitable word for the translation because firstly, I always write the lyrics in Spanish. But with patience and work, good result are achieved.

What is black metal to you? How would you like to define it as a genre?
-This is a question that would have a never-ending answer. About the first question, the Black Metal is, for me like the Metal in general because I love other styles as Death, Thrash and the classic Metal. It’s a way of life, I grew up listening to this music, whenever I remember a part of my life, it is always linked to a song. It’s complicated to understand for common people, but we are a new religion across the world; we are joined under the same flag, the flag of Metal and this flag hasn’t got just a nationality.
And speaking only about the Black Metal, in my opinion, it is the rawest and more primitive genre into the Metal Music, I need this music for spitting all my blasphemies and my darkest desires against all the established, this world is sick maybe the Armageddon is near because the human race are imperfect and totally destructive with itself so nothing better than playing the music of the Devil to grab his attention and provoke the damned servants of false doctrines…this world is full of vermin; kill’ Em all.

How do you know if a song is good? What criteria do you use to decide what is good and what is not good?
-First of all, I can’t decide if one song is bad or good, you and the rest of the public have to say it, I can just give a general idea about our stuff, but I don’t like to give my opinion of my work because it wouldn’t be real. I can perceive the potential of a song, of course, but the final result is the most important issue and only the people can decide if it is good or bad.

When you enter a studio what is it that you want to get out of the experience?
-Entering a studio it’s always an adventure. At first, you have a concept of what you want to get there but as the recording moves on a lot of things change. This is a job between all the members of the band and our sound engineer, everyone contributes with their ideas. Finally, once all the instruments are recorded, the turning point is reached, the final mix, when all the elements are really fused until the tiniest detail.

How hard is it to find the right kind of people to work with?
-Yes, this is difficult but we are friends from the childhood, our ties of union are stronger than the music and this also makes the band be more joined. We act like a democratic system everyone has their own voice and viewpoint about the composition of the songs, but after discussing our ideas, we reach the better for the band; this is the secret.

How much of a DIY aesthetic is there to the Spanish underground scene?
-No DIY aesthetic here, each band follows their path… For example in our city there is one more band, they are Temple Abattoir; they play raw and excellent Black metal, they are good friends of us, as well …The Spanish underground metal scene is totally alive currently, other Spanish bands that I would mention would be ERED, MARTHYRIUM, LUX DIVINA, BALMOG, PROFUNDIS TENEBRARUM, etc…to mention just some of them..

What would you like to see the future bring with it?
-The destruction of the Vatican and a million of vultures eating the entrails of the pederast cures while the Pope is sodomized by a shemale Virgin Mary…hehehe…
Thanks so much for the interview;
…Only the strongest shall prevail…

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